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Junior Designer / Production / Apprenticeship
Self-motivated, problem-solving individual, looking to deliver stellar creative while you get to learn the business of design and advertising. Work with the Worldwide Leader in Sports while building your book and you redesign the world. Ideas are the foundation of our business. Learn to formulate ideas while you get to do cool work and some mundane minutia (earn while you learn). Ideas do not get killed here, they're encouraged. Team player necessary to answer the phones, throw out the trash, maybe walk the dog. You will do it all. Learn the estimating process, the glad handing, the sales techniques to point out the business strategy behind your genius. This is not a 9-5 business. If you want a set schedule, flip burgers. Long hours, off hours, weekends, it's the ad business. If you like the creative business, then work life balance be damned, because creativity is the val halla. When people see and say "wow" you did that, the sweat, the long hours the toil over the type is all worth it. 99% of the world is poorly designed. We want to change that 1% at a time and we do not have time to coddle hurt feelings, rejected ideas by clients. Excellence is expected no matter how mundane the coupon is, but damn it, make it the most legible cool usable coupon ever. If you like this gut punching, ball busting business then bring it. If your skin is so thick that sticks and stones are repelled and shattered we want you. If you bleed design, prove it. Can you hear me knocking, that's opportunity. #livecreatively
Job Details
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Employment Status
On-site, Permanent position
Junior, Mid-level
Production, Design
Advertising, Print
POST DATE: 09.12.2017
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