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The Midweek Sound Off

The most important thing to working with The Sound Off is to be yourself. Our brand is all full of character and everyone a part of this company is down to earth.

As of right now, The Sound Off is just a podcast based on general conversations (some good; some bad) for the people to listen to on Soundcloud, Apple iTunes, and Google Play Podcast. Eventually, we look towards turning the podcast into a media outlet, and that is where we need you!

Our current projects are: Working on merchandise, a website and a couple other collaborative projects, including festivals and parties and so we have our hands tied leaving some of our smaller projects un-done.

What The Sound Off is looking for is a Marketing Intern to help out with certain tasks. Preferable someone still in school looking for experience. The current position is unpaid but with the right efforts, compensation can be negotiated thus turning the position into a permanent marketing position. This is the beginning step to building a team so who knows where this could lead to.

Here is a list of skills that would be ideal for this position:
• Knowledge in Social Media Marketing
• Research (looking up contact information, addresses, etc.)
• Sending Emails
• Creative Mentality (would be nice but not necessary)

With this job position, experience is not necessary. It will be a trial and error situation, in which we will work closely to make sure everything is being done correctly. This position is ideal for someone who is looking solely to gain experience in today's work environment. As the new Marketing Intern you will have full (but supervised) creative direction with how you advertise and market the brand.

Please contact us via email, in the email please tell us about yourself. we look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you,
The Sound Off.
The Midweek Sound Off
The Midweek Sound Off
Job Details
Bronx, NY 10458
Employment Status
Part-time, Off-site
Public Relations
TV/Radio, Advertising
POST DATE: 09.12.2017
The Midweek SoundOff
Sergio Luis Santiago

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