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UX/UI Designer
PaperPlane Solutions Pvt Ltd
Design Research
1. Create/Understand/Refine a client brief before conceptualizing your
design solution
2. Obtain client/market research data through customer visits, user interview,
Questionnaires, analytics and other reporting mechanisms
3. Analyze user research data to understand user needs/frustrations,
develop interaction models, communication systems, user personas &
audience segments, storyboards, scenarios and tasks
4. Work with User Experience Analysts and other team members to conduct
workshops (with clients & users) to understand business objectives & user

Design Conceptualization & User Experience [UX]:

1. Identify UX issues and provide solid UX recommendations
2. Visualize information architectures, create interaction models & define
task flows
3. Create or support, Ideate and present design ideas & concepts through
one, or more, medium depending on the project needs and maturity of the
client. These could include presenting design mock-ups, storyboards, wire
frames, prototypes, interaction models, or a product walk-through to
internal teams or clients for feedback / approvals.
4. Work with Usability and UX analysts to define wireframes and interactions
guidelines for User Interfaces for both, web and mobile devices
PaperPlane Solutions Pvt Ltd
PaperPlane Solutions Pvt Ltd
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POST DATE: 10.11.2017
PaperPlane Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bhavna Chhatwani
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