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Public Service Announcement Placement Coordinator
Turn on the television, flip through a magazine, or listen to your favorite radio station, and chances are you’ll soon come across an advertisement promoting meat, household cleaners that have been tested on animals, fur or leather clothing, or an ad that simply doesn’t portray animals respectfully.
In the face of the many anti-animal advertisements out there, it’s up to kind people like you to ensure that animals’ voices are heard and to spread the word about how everyone can help animals.  As PETA’s PSA Placement Coordinator, your duty is to work with advertising agencies that will run, free of charge, our public service announcements (PSAs).

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
• As a non-profit we want to make sure that we spend all our time and resources helping animals as effectively as we can, so as PSA Placement Coordinator you’ll be in charge of developing relationships with sales representatives and PSA directors to negotiate free or reduced-rate placements. 
• It’s very important that we know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be in charge of determining the effectiveness of PSA pitches and making recommendations 
• Keeping good documentation is critical.  You’ll be in charge of developing and maintaining records of all PSA placements.  
• Timing is everything!  You’ll be in charge of making sure that our PSA pitches don’t conflict with our other media calendar items. 
• You’ll also perform any other duties as assigned by your supervisor. 

• You’ll need either a degree in an applicable field, or equivalent media-related experience.  
• In addition, we’re looking for someone with at least two years of marketing or advertising experience.  That big ad campaign that you worked on?  We’d love to hear about it!
• If you know PETA, you know we always have A LOT going on at once. You must have the proven ability to prioritize work and handle multiple tasks, work well under pressure, and meet deadlines. This also means you’ll need to keep a close eye on your various projects to make sure none of them get away from you!
• While group skills are a plus, you’ll need to be a self-starter who flourishes independently.  You’ll be working quickly, often without supervision.
• We deal with many different advertising representatives so it’s imperative that you’re always able to put your best ‘PETA-foot forward’ when representing the organization.  These interactions often require negotiations so we’re looking for someone with experience!
• Creativity, strategic thinking, and analytical skills are a must.  After all, the safety of animals worldwide is at stake!
• Since you’ll be promoting animal safety and animal rights, you must know animal rights issues and PETA campaigns inside and out!
• You’ll have to demonstrate your support of PETA’s philosophy and advocate for PETA’s position on issues (whether with the media, with other organizations, or with people at the grocery store!).
• And of course, you must be commi
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Job Details
Washington, DC 20036
Employment Status
Full-time, On-site, Permanent position
Media Placement, Public Relations
POST DATE: 04.10.2018
Human Resources

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