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Karma Agency
Karma Agency is looking for a Copywriter to bring clever thinking to an active creative studio. 

This position requires an individual with a solid point of view, including:
• An ideas person who can bring strategic insight to every point of influence in the marketing continuum,
• A solid understanding of the role of communications, and how copy contributes to that
• A thoughtful, writerly approach to the world
• Big-picture thinker and meticulous doer
• An optimistic problem solver, one who finds opportunity in challenge
• Proactive, taking initiative and anticipating next steps
• Behaving as a member of a team (especially with designers and art directors), rather than as a silo

Your background must include: 
• An English, communications or ad-program degree 
• 3-4 years of writing experience in a communications setting 
• Demonstration that you understand how design can further messaging 
• A conceptual book including the following: strong headline campaigns, tagline development, something conceptual, long-form copy, web copy, some experience with radio production

The Copywriter role at Karma requires the following responsibilities:
• Collaborate with designers and art directors to develop conceptual solutions for all manner of execution, not limited to print, digital, social, video. 
• Come prepared to briefings and actively participate in understanding   each project
• Develop thoughtful, strategic client presentations and represent the agency with consideration and creativity
• Vacillate between various brand voices and writing styles with ease 
• Possess good taste and judgment, and be able to explain your ideas
• Participate in calls and meetings with clients
• Infuse writing with unexpected insight and nuance
• Edit ruthlessly
• Maintain flawless spelling and grammar, and proofread your and others’ work
Please apply online at:
Karma Agency
Karma Agency
Job Details
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Employment Status
Mid-level, Junior
Writing, Proofreading
Advertising, Print
POST DATE: 04.12.2018

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