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Graphic Designer  Creative Circle
Status: Freelance Estimated Duration: Weeks Starts: Next Week Rate: up to $28/hr. Our agency client needs a Designer with print + web experience and HTML 5 coding skills to work with their team 20 - 30 hours a week for the next 1 - 2 months. You'll handle overflow work across print ads, ...
MO, Kansas City
Position: HTML skills Status: Freelance Estimated Duration: Days Starts: Within the Week Rate: up to $25/hr. Our client needs a Graphic Designer / Production Artist with HTML skills to handle an influx of immediate work on their radar. Specifically, you'll work on the design and producti ...
KS, Lawrence
Jr. Video Production Editor  Creative Circle
Status: Freelance to Full Time Estimated Duration: Possible Full Time Starts: Next Month Rate: $25-30/hr. Job Description: * Our video production client is seeking a Junior-Level Video Editor to assist with video production for a variety of clients on a project by project basis with the oppor ...
MO, Kansas City

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