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Junior Designer  Adams Outdoor Advertising
We're looking for an entry-level, eager-to-learn, ready-to-work-hard junior designer with a mind for advertising. This position will involve a lot of revising, resizing, and reformatting existing creative, but you will also be heavily involved in the concepting and development of much bigger project ...
MI, Ann Arbor
Content Writer  Xspond Incorporated
Develop and produce media content. This role is responsible for defining and expressing the unique story of our clients. As well as maintaining the copy of their website and any other digital or print media necessary. Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: • Develop and write websites, l ...
MI, Brighton
Web Director  Hile Creative
---Experience--- As a proven team leader, candidates should be able to inspire and mentor a talented web staff (including designers, developers, and other creatives). Success in this role will require a minimum of 5 years of experience leading a web department and/or as a project manager for onli ...
MI, Ann Arbor
Graphic And Web Designer/Developer  RJ Michaels, Inc.
RjM is looking for an elusive left brain and right brain person. Is that you? If it is, you’d possess an ability to knock out great designs - both in print and on the web - as well as provide front-end coding for those websites you design. Working within our team, you’d be responsible for the gra ...
MI, Jackson

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