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Creativino is a wine-focused creative agency that is constantly creating branding and package design for new wine brands around the world. We are seeking a talented designer with experience in branding/logo development, typography, illustration and package design to add to our diverse and talented  ...
MI, Holland
Graphic Designer  Adams Outdoor Advertising
We're looking for an entry-level, eager-to-learn, ready-to-work-hard graphic designer with a mind for advertising. This position will involve a lot of revising, resizing, and reformatting existing creative, but you will also be heavily involved in the concepting and development of much bigger projec ...
MI, Kalamazoo
We are a nationally renowned digital agency that focuses on strategic, creative, and technical solutions for social change organizations and social enterprises. We are seeking a web designer for a full-time or contract position on a creative team that produces top-quality work in a fast-paced enviro ...
MI, Royal Oak
Art Director  Adams Outdoor Advertising
We need an art director in our Kalamazoo, MI market. An art director who loves smart ads. An art director who wants to do more than make pretty pictures. An art director who won’t treat a billboard like a business card. An art director who can sling headlines as well as they kern them. An  ...
MI, Kalamazoo

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