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Designer  Moncur
Moncur is seeking a talented and energetic Designer to join our Creative team. The Designer will work alongside a team of branding, web and communication experts, and under the direction of Senior Designers and Directors. You’ll be helping to create and implement clients’ brands in a variety of both ...
MI, Southfield
Wait with bated breath for your Women’s Wear Daily to arrive? Love fashion and know have a knack for spotting and forecasting trends? Is product development your passion? We’ve got your dream job waiting. The 411: Working directly with the owners of the company, our Director of Product D ...
MI, Southfield
Web Developer  RjM
RjM is looking to add a web developer to our team of advertising professionals. Producing approximately sixty sites a year and managing another 120 sites in a portfolio of work, this position is an active role in the company. The primary responsibility of the position will be to complete the deve ...
MI, Jackson

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