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Social Media and Communications Wiz  injoi LLC./Bang The Drum Communications
I am seeking a talented and creative freelance Social Media and communications whiz who is well versed in several platforms, and has a gifted way with words, images and messaging with proven results. Can you successfully "bang the drum" on my various client's behalf? Do you give good phone? Can  ...
MN, Minneapolis
Supports communications, training and marketing efforts to drive the implementation of marketing strategies and sales objectives for the client. Coordinates project plan for marketing and communication efforts as well as general project management support. Coordinate the development of marketing mat ...
MN, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
Contract Web/ Digital Designer  The Creative Group
The Contract Web/Digital Designer will create web pages, HTML emails, printed marketing materials, promotional displays, logos, videos, and Microsoft Office templates, as well as content manage and maintain existing web properties and update existing marketing materials. Our client uses WordPress, a ...
MN, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
Contract Front End Developer  The Creative Group
TCG is searching for Front End Web Developers to join a client located in Minneapolis, working on state of the art design and development projects.  These will be long term contract positions and a great opportunity to take your career to the next level!!   The Contract Front End Developer will desi ...
MN, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
Contract Project Manager  The Creative Group
Contract Project Manager that possesses experience in working with traditional and digital projects.  This role will play an integral part in planning and managing the day to day operations.  Ability to scope and lead processes  to ensure smooth  production and on time delivery. Great communication  ...
MN, Minneapolis/Saint Paul
Contract Production Designer  The Creative Group
The Contract Production Designer role is an open ended position creating and managing multiple marketing pieces to support business objectives. This role will contribute to the design and development of a wide variety of projects. Experience will include the creation and production of brochures, s ...
MN, Minneapolis/Saint Paul

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