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Copywriter  NOBLE
Noble is looking for a creative copywriter to write for a variety of different clients in our Springfield, MO office. Part Ernest Hemingway, part Sherlock Holmes, part chameleon, you’ll juxtapose your persuasive storytelling ability with your penchant for fact- finding and sorting through varying ...
MO, Springfield
Mid Level UI/UX Designer   Cotton Babies, Inc.
We are looking for a mid to senior-level UI/UX/Visual design contractor that can design across web, mobile and tablet platforms. The contractor will primarily design and develop a mobile user interface experience, including the logical flow of the application, individual screen/page design, and visu ...
MO, Fenton
Account Coordinator  Phoenix Creative Co.
Phoenix Creative Co. is seeking a highly skilled, team focused and task oriented Account Coordinator willing to support an account team focused on servicing nationally recognized brands. The primary roles of this position will be to support senior management and department teams with administrative  ...
MO, Saint Louis

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