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Creative Director  R&R Partners
You are -- A self-starter, a big thinker, a collaborator, a leader, a presenter, a conceptual being, a strategist, a motivator, a mentor, a positive influence, a fun and interesting person to be around, a person who wears clothes, a person who does time sheets, an evaluator, a college degree-er, ...
NV, Las Vegas
Graphic designer
About: is an E-Commerce and Lifestyle site for the beach globetrotter; a lifestyle destination encompassing exotic travel, health and fitness, and swimwear culture. The online boutique showcases a curated collection of one-of-a-kind swimwear and accessories from emerging designers.  ...
NV, Las Vegas
Video Editor
Overview is a luxury beach lifestyle site where followers can tap into their inner daydreamer anytime, anywhere. Our video page features over 15 different original series that are all edited in house, and shared on our website, YouTube, and Social Media Channels. We are currently seek ...
NV, Las Vegas

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