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Graphic Designer  WhiteSpace
WhiteSpace is looking for a visual problem solver. Someone with an eye for form and color, and who may love fonts just a little too much (mmm, look at the curve on that lower-case ‘g’). We want someone with an optimistic attitude and who is willing to pour his or her heart and soul into a project kn ...
OH, Akron
Production Adaptation Artist  Creative Circle
We are currently seeking a Production Artist who has large format work experience to join our client north of Cincinnati. Qualified candidates should be proficient with Illustrator and Photoshop. The most important skillet for this role is attention to detail, spelling, and the ability to build  ...
OH, Miamisburg
Exhibit Designer  Skyline Trisource Exhibits
We’re seeking a creative, highly motivated addition to our trade show company. If you like designing with modular and customized elements, completing 2D layouts, art production prep, material sourcing and even some web design we’d like to see your work. You must have a minimum of 2 years designing 3 ...
OH, Cleveland

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