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Sr. Writer/ACD  Masterminds
Philly agency looking for a Senior Writer to ACD with digital, broadcast and traditional experience. About you: You are a creative thinker and you can express that creativity in the widest variety of mediums. You have proven great conceptual strength and hands-on experience leading large projec ...
PA, Philadelphia
Art Director  SWBR
Do you possess an eye for design? SWBR is looking for an agency experienced Art Director to translate marketing and branding strategies into innovative and impressive campaigns that stimulate targeted audiences. B-to-B experience is a plus. Applicants should have hands-on experience in a fast  ...
PA, Bethlehem
Graphic Designer   AgileCat
AgileCat is looking for a crazy talented graphic designer who is also a great thinker, excellent communicator, time management master, and a collaboration enthusiast. Research loving, beer drinking, and hungry attitude are all welcome. Requirements: Expert level in Adobe Creative Suite Minimu ...
PA, Philadelphia

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