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Art Director  Fairway Outdoor
Fairway Outdoor Advertising is looking for an art director in our Chattanooga, TN office. The right candidate will have some if not all of the following attributes: • a passion for advertising • a love of outdoor advertising • a total typography nerd • a good eye for imagery • hard-working  ...
TN, Chattanooga
Product Photographer  Harmon Group
The PHOTOGRAPHER should be knowledgeable of the latest technology in the field of digital photography. Phase One digital backs on Hasselblad and large format cameras, equipped with Rodenstock lens, are used by the Harmon Group. We also utilized various models of Canon cameras for product photogr ...
TN, Nashville
Position available with Nashville Advertising Agency. This demanding, multifaceted position requires creativity, flexibility, sound judgment, enthusiasm, unflagging attention to detail and excellent interpersonal, organizational, time management and writing skills. An aesthetic sense is a plus, a ...
TN, Nashville

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