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Photographer  Middle Tennessee State University
This is a 9 month – 20 hour per week – part time position working August 15th through May 15th. As assigned (primarily at night and on weekends), provide photographic support for publications, website, social media, marketing, news, publicity, athletics, instructional units, and University departmen ...
TN, Murfreesboro
Junior Designer  Hachette Book Group
The Junior Designer will work alongside the Art Director within the Nashville Division which consists of the Faithwords and Center Street imprints. The Junior Designer will be responsible for seeing each project through the design process, including conception, approval, and production while also su ...
TN, Brentwood
Digital Art Director  Creative Energy
Creative Energy believes its most important asset is talent, and each employee contributes to the success of the agency. That contribution should not be limited by the responsibilities given in this job description. Ideally each employee will offer his/her talents wherever and whenever possible to e ...
TN, Johnson City

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