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Lead Web Developer  Penna Powers Brian Haynes
PPBH is looking for a passionate individual who wants to change the world with their awesome web development skills (by change the world we mean make some awesome sites). What are we looking for? You’ll be responsible for developing and updating killer custom websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScri ...
UT, Salt Lake City
TV Anchor/Reporter  KSL Corporation
Position Objective: 1. To timely, accurately and fairly conceptualize stories for Television presentation. This may include writing; producing and stand-up reporting stories for either tape/audio or live camera. 2. Willing and able to cover any story assigned -- organize, write, edit and ancho ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Sr. Graphic Designer, Web  Stampin' Up!
Job Summary: Work with the Communication Design Manager to design, develop and maintain the overall user-experience for company digital/web properties. Help oversee processes and mentor other Web Designers. Work cohesively with both Print and Web Designers on the Communication Design Team. Additiona ...
UT, Riverton

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