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POSITION OBJECTIVE: Generate recorded news story during shift between 10PM and 1:00AM to air next morning. Respond to breaking news by interrupting programming with live report. Monitor station automation and respond as needed to maintain smooth operation. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Two (2) ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Radio Talk Host (On-Call)  KSL Corporation
SHIFT: 2 hours per week. Saturday 11am-1pm. POSITION OBJECTIVE: Discuss the issues of the day, relatable and compelling news, and matters important to family and community for one hour each Saturday. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Present on-air talk topics and interviews that are compel ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Graphic Designer  Stampin' Up!
Work with communication design team to design and maintain company publications and print collateral marketing pieces. Assist design team with web promotional projects that may include concept design, layout, photo, and illustration. Essential Job Functions: 1. Create high quality designs across ...
UT, Riverton

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