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Graphic Designer  Stampin' Up!
Work with communication design team to design and maintain company publications and print collateral marketing pieces. Assist design team with web promotional projects that may include concept design, layout, photo, and illustration. Essential Job Functions: 1. Create high quality designs across ...
UT, Riverton
TV Broadcast Designer  KSL Corporation
POSITION OBJECTIVE: 1) Design a variety of graphics for: daily news including over-the-shoulder keys, on set graphics, production graphics and animations. 2) Design graphics for: special series, documentaries, promotional, sales, and community events needs, i.e., on-air package graphics, logos,  ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Photographer  KSL Corporation
POSITION PURPOSE: Capture and edit news events and features as assigned by the assignment desk in a professional manner adhering to strong NPPA photography principles; gather information and convert it into appropriate visual, written, audio and/or digital format as assigned; to timely and safely dr ...
UT, Salt Lake City

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