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Copywriter  The Summit Group
Copywriter wanted Do you love words? Can you put them together in ways that make people stop, think, change, or buy? Can you write short, smart headlines? Can you write paragraphs of copy that flow together with other paragraphs of copy? Can you tailor your tone to match an audience? If you can a ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Account Executive  KSL Corporation
Market and sell KSL Radio products which satisfy client's needs and obtain maximum sales at maximum rates by developing and closing new business accounts, along with maintaining existing accounts. KEY FUNCTIONS: Contacting local advertising agencies and local businesses, acting as a l ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Graphic Design Internship  Nirvana Marketing & Design
This is an UNPAID internship with a company based in the United States. However, we work with interns on an international level. If located outside the US, you can complete an internship working virtually. Interested candidates should have hands-on design experience via school and/or work, with ...
UT, Salt Lake City
Radio Reporter  KSL Corporation
Make desired individual contribution to KSL's team efforts to provide a news product that reflects the station's format philosophy and that will effectively serve the station's targeted audience and garner sufficient ratings to meet station's short and long term strategic goals. RESPONSIBILITIES ...
UT, Salt Lake City

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