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Video / Motion Graphics Editor  Team Velocity Marketing
TEAM VELOCITY MARKETING Team Velocity Marketing is a full-service marketing agency serving the automotive industry; providing fully integrated marketing solutions to Manufacturers (OEMs) and Dealerships nationwide. Our unique culture promotes creativity, camaraderie, and success. Our team members a ...
VA, Herndon
Graphic + Web Designer  Team Velocity Marketing
Level5 Advertising | TEAM VELOCITY MARKETING Level5 Advertising is a full-service marketing agency for the Recreational Vehicle (RV), Marine and Motorsports industries. Level5 was created as a niche marketing agency within the walls of its parent company, Team Velocity Marketing. Together these c ...
VA, Herndon
Senior Graphic Designer  HNTB Corporation
Creates templates and all required graphics for complex and/or mega proposals, interviews and in-house materials. Creates the design and layout, and coordinates production of various materials, including printed brochures, flyers, boards, etc., as well as some multi-media designs to create an image, ...
VA, Arlington

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