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Freelance Graphic Designer  Return On Investment (ROI)
We have a great opportunity for a temporary freelance graphic designer with our creative team. We have a lot of clients in various industries, so there is never a dull moment! Ideal Candidates: -- Past experience designing: logos, brand collateral, ads (print + digital), email blasts, powerpo ...
VA, Annandale
We are a marketing firm focused solely on the senior housing market. We're looking for a freelance art director / designer with senior housing and/or senior living experience, particularly relating to design of marketing and collateral materials in support of retirement community sales. Our candidat ...
VA, Richmond
Senior Web Designer  Hobsons
Currently, we have an outstanding opportunity for a Senior Web Designer. This job is responsible for working on a variety of projects ranging from website design to print design to interface design for online products. You will be working on a team that serves as an agency within the company serving ...
VA, Arlington
1 year contract PRIMARY FUNCTION Creative, quick-thinking designer needed to work with executives to create content and design presentations for technology-inspired brands and initiatives. RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES Create corporate communications graphics for presentation and display Co ...
VA, Falls Church, VA

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