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Intern  CourseWorld
If you love to learn, we want your help. CourseWorld is the first online education platform for the liberal arts. A fast-growing nonprofit startup, our free video library includes over 30,000 video lectures in the Arts and Humanities. Commitment is 8 to 20 hours per week for a minimum of three mo ...
NY, New York
Design Intern  Bright Design
Why join us? With over 40 years of experience helping the good guys win, Bright is a creative branding agency specializing in the natural products industry. We create shelf warriors, fighting the good fight – to change the types of products we consume for the better. Who doesn’t want to play on t ...
CA, Marina Del Rey
Our mission is to make hourly work easier for local businesses and their employees. As former hourly workers ourselves, we get the struggles teams face and build our products with empathy to banish paperwork and time consuming daily tasks (like scheduling, timesheet management, or team messaging).  ...
CA, San Francisco
StarChefs is looking for a full-time print (and-a-bit-of-web) designer to join our small, creative team. You’ll have the opportunity to make an impact on our company, and the nationwide culinary community, with magazine design, an annual 300-page culinary symposium guide, and branded event and marke ...
NY, New York City
Designer  Company in Salt Lake City
Women's clothing company is looking for a brilliant designer. You need to be amazing. ...
UT, Salt Lake City

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