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Keyword: photographer 
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Employment Status
Photographer  Creative Circle
Status: Full Time Estimated Duration: Full Time Starts: Within a Couple Weeks Rate: Around $100,000 DOE One of our apparel clients is looking for a Photographer to join their team. The Photographer will create content for all brand marketing needs including lifestyle, advertising, and produc ...
CA, Laguna Beach
S/He will also be responsible for all photography assets, photo re-touching, videography, and the overall management of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This position will work with marketing, product, sales as well as external partners to generate, gather, store, and distribute visual ass ...
NH, Newington
Photographer/Videographer  Creative Circle
Our client, a media company in the Houston area, is looking for a talented freelance Videographer. You will be helping out as a 2nd and or 3rd shooter at weddings events throughout the year. You MUST have: * Previous photography experience or video experience * A willingness to learn and be  ...
TX, Houston
Event Photographer  Creative Circle
Status: Freelance Estimated Duration: Days Starts: November 30th Rate: Up to $50/hr DOE Our faith-based client is seeking an experienced Event Photographer. The ideal Photographer will have: - Experience with shooting in low-light - Documentary-style aesthetic - Own equipment - Non-di ...
OR, Portland
The Cooking Lab (publisher of both Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking (2011) and Modernist Cuisine at Home (2012) is looking for a highly motivated contract Photographer Assistant/Photo Editor to join the James Beard award-winning Modernist Cuisine books team. The Photographer Assista ...
WA, Bellevue
Northern Arizona University’s Department of Marketing and Strategic Communications is seeking a part-time Manager of Digital Assets/Photojournalist. This position will be responsible for expanding our pool of photography resources and assets to support the goals and duties of NAU Marketing. An ideal ...
AZ, Flagstaff

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