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Associate Producer  Mills Entertainment
Job Purpose: To support the Producing team and CEO in reaching company development goals by implementing research, development, planning and maintenance for prospective and existing properties, and serving as the primary point of contact on the producing team for assigned properties. Responsibili ...
NY, Saratoga Springs
Digital Media Producer   Intercontinental Exchange/NYSE
This position, which reports to Manager, Multimedia Operations, requires a candidate with strong background in graphic design, motion graphics and client service. Day-to-day operations include creating, scheduling and managing content to be displayed throughout the NYSE in support of high profile,  ...
NY, New York
CARE USA is seeking a superior Digital Experience Producer to join our Digital Engagement Team. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about CARE’s mission, embraces a holistic approach to user-centered design, and helps craft powerful multimedia content; Works to maintain a satisfying use ...
GA, Atlanta
Azula is looking for a freelance video editor to create short videos in the 1-3 minute range on an ongoing basis. Oceana, Azula’s parent organization, owns an extensive archive of underwater footage to be used in short videos for marketing, communications and Azula. These projects include text treat ...
DC, Washington

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