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Freelance Producer  DiMassimo Goldstein
DiMassimo Goldstein, a hybrid advertising and digital agency, is looking for a smart freelance integrated producer to join our team. We are a fast growing, almost mid-sized 18-year-old fiercely independent agency with fantastic clients in every category, from food to financial services. If you ar ...
NY, New York
BMC Brand Experience Creative is a group of amazingly talented and diverse people. We work smart, hard and have plenty of fun. It is a fast-paced environment that appeals to self-directed, flexible, and collaborative individuals. As an experienced creative project manager, with at least 5 ye ...
CA, San Jose
POSITION PURPOSE: act as support to Executive producer and contribute to strong execution of news content. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, & ABILITIES: College level education in journalism or related field of equivalent experience required. Two (2) years commercial broadcast journal ...
UT, Salt Lake City

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