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Diana Rosinus   Graphic Designer, Production Coord.
With a background in writing/editing as well as design, I work in awe of the intricate and surprising parallels between verbal and nonverbal visual communication. I specialize in the design and production of typography-driven products and aim to be more and more involved in the process of bringing b ...
CA, Oakland
Joan Bender   Fashion & Beauty Copywriter
Joan Bender is an experienced, conceptual copywriter specializing in fashion, beauty, home and retail. Whether the project is direct mail, print, radio, TV, email or the internet, her creative is hip, compelling and results-driven. ...
NY, Lindenhurst
Kathleen Hession   Digital Retouching
Digital Retoucher with extensive entertainment advertising, compositing and fashion/glamour expertise. Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop; also skilled with InDesign and Illustrator for production. Creative, friendly and self-reliant, executing meticulous realistic retouching of celebrity and exe ...
CA, Santa Monica
Laura Pappada   Graphic Designer
Do-it-all graphic designer with 7+ years professional experience. Laura's main focus is print design and layout, but she also loves videography, photography, photo/video editing, web design, and presentation design. Her aesthetic is clean and refined, and she easily follows corporate branding guidel ...
CA, Los Angeles
Daniel Jenkins   Photographer
My mission is to consistently provide high quality results to my clients that is cohesive to their brand while producing work that is true to my vision and visual approach. My visual approach utilizes both light and shadow to communicate a message that there is more than meets the eye or somethin ...
CA, Los Angeles
Kristina Ushakov   Graphic Designer
Creative and organized with experience working in high performance teams under high pressure deadlines. Seek to be part of a goal oriented company/team and where I can utilize my creativity as a graphic designer/artist. Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamwe ...
CA, San Diego
Amy Delgrande   Art Director, Marketing assistant
I graduated from the Art Institute of California- Orange County and currently working for KIN Los Angeles as their Creative Director. There are a wide array of responsibilities I have within this title, from e-commerce, to photography to graphic design. I have strong leadership skills and communicat ...
CA, Huntington Beach
John Diggins   Copywriter, Creative Director
I’m a veteran advertising creative with both copywriting and art direction experience, so my skill set is diverse. My current and past clients include Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda/Acura, Mazda, Nissan/Infiniti, Suzuki and Kia, as well as Canon, Toshiba, Apple, Sony, Nortec, Aspec, Symantec, Yonex, Flem ...
CA, Long Beach
Yvette Nevares   Art Direction / Marketing
Versatile creative professional with solid background in branding, marketing, interactive and print design. Marketing and project management. • Extensive experience developing design and communication solutions in corporate in-house and independent environments. • Proven ability to translate mark ...
San Juan
Steve Cocca   Graphic Designer
I am looking to apply my graphic design and marketing communication skills to persuade people to take action. Traditional print advertising and marketing materials make a strong first impression and leave a lasting impact. Working in team environments, I have: * Helped increase sales 73% with a  ...
IN, Carmel
Jeff Preston   Illustrator/Designer
Visual Impact! The ability to capture an audience, invoke an emotion, and create a memory. That is my approach to design and illustration and a necessity if you are trying to sell a product or market your business. With over 29 years of professional design/illustration experience, I am more than qu ...
TN, Nashville
Linda Rainville   Graphic Designer/Illustrator
I'm a well rounded, creative graphic designer with several years of experience working at a marketing agency. I'm great working in a team environment or flying solo. I would love to work for a company which breathes creativity and where I can grow and learn from my peers. ...
MA, Plymouth

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