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Kaoru Shibahara   Photographer
KAORU SHBAHARA is a Japanese freelance photographer worked commercial photographer in New York City NY, U.S.A 1990~1999 (Jewelry / Food / Cosmetic / Interior) After New York experience, he moved to Tokyo. Also, many private exhibition & Group Exhibition about taking still life photo to the m ...
Judith Bicking   Illustrator
I have been a professional illustrator for over 25 years and specialize in colorful, imaginative, thought provoking, and multicultural illustration for both children and adults. I work in digital/mixed media for use in a variety of genres, including books, magazines, videos, CD/DVD covers, posters,  ...
NC, Asheville
Deborah Levin   Design Management/Art Director
QUALIFICATIONS Unique design talent, broad knowledge of graphic design processes and photography, skilled at crafting and transforming visual into photographic images, contemporary sensibility working with layout and typography, able to translate a visual identity uniquely across multiple media, ar ...
IL, Chicago
Nancy O'Connell   Graphic/Web Designer
I am a full service designer recently relocated to Santa Rosa from the bay area specializing in visual communications for print and web. Committed to excellence in design I bring my in-depth experience in the fields of print and web design with a sharp eye for pixel-perfect creative solutions to eve ...
CA, Santa Rosa
Jeff Liboon   Graphic Designer
Seeking a position as a graphic designer for print or web. I would like to participate and contribute to your marketing strategies using the skills I have obtained through my training. My software skills consists of using Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. As a designer, ...
IL, Oak Brook
Abby Lye   Graphic Design & Marketing
I am a Graphic Design and Marketing Professional with extensive digital and print experience developing, designing and executing integrated branding and promotional campaigns. I excel at designing engaging visual communications, aligning marketing and advertising strategies that deliver results. ...
MA, Boston
Chris Barela   Graphic Designer / Packaging
Hello! I am a graphic designer / art director who specializes in packaging design and branding. I have experience in the following: Beauty Industry, Food Industry, Packaging Design, Zoo/aquarium/museum design, exhibit design, illustration, marketing. My background includes over 18+ years as a Senio ...
CA, Orange County & Los Angeles
Velicia Waymer   Illustrator/Designer
I'm looking for work as a digital artist/illustrator specialising in fashion and beauty. My experience spans at least 20 years in the creative industry from illustration to graphic design. My illustration work is currently featured in the Directory of Illustration and various social networks includi ...
VA, Hampton
George Su   Graphic Designer, Art Director
Highly accomplished design professional with proven success in directing multi-skilled teams to deliver multimedia and marketing campaigns for governmental agencies, concessionaires, and nonprofit partners. Critical team lead managing day-to-day operations with staff including several levels of mana ...
CA, Hayward
Lutfia Shetula   Graphic Designer
Familiar with print preparation and production. Demonstrated ability to produce a wide variety of graphic products including newsletters, letterhead, business cards, and training materials. Creative, able to communicate effectively with customers, consistently meet deadlines. ...
CA, Valley Village
Joe Frazier   Creative Director/Interactive AD
Seeking job as Art Director, Creative Director, Interactive AD or Senior Graphic Designer with in a growing Advertising Agency in North Carolina area. Strong, proven professional skills in Art Direction/Design, Concepting, Production Techniques and Good Understanding of Overall Creative Process, Res ...
NC, Archdale

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