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Mark Manzo   Creative Director (Copy)
Award-winning creative director/copywriter with B2C/B2B experience looking to lead a great team and create work that sizzles, sells and shines. Well-versed in integrated marketing, direct response, brand development, video, retail, ink and pixels. Loves creative concepting, Mini Coopers and surf mus ...
IL, Naperville
Michael Ross   Illustrator
With over 20 years experience in the graphic arts field, I am aware of the tight deadlines and skill expected to create eye catching graphics that deliver an instant message to the target audience. I look forward to help you further your message. ...
LA, New Orleans
Nila Ahmad   Artist/ Illustrator/ Graphic design
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and I have a multi-varied experience in illustration, graphic design, fine art, as well as in writing and editing. I am looking for freelance work, which is exciting and varied. Whatever you need, whether it be a logo, a fine art commission, or an illustr ...
CA, Fountain Valley
Jonathan Halling   Design Director
Hello, In my twenty three years with National Geographic, I have always aimed for three things: to be passionate about (and fully committed to) the work—then to spread that passion among the visual teams and ultimately the entire division; to build an energetic, positive environment where visual  ...
MD, Gaithersburg
Taulant Bushi   Designer / Art Director
During my eight years of experience my work has ranged across different aspects of brand identity, advertising, print, web design, information architecture, etc. Through client communication, and dedication for my work I have been able to consistently identify clients' needs and to successfully carr ...
NY, New York
Kathryn McMullin-Young (KT Designs)   Creative Director & Designer
Highly creative and multitalented Creative Director/Graphic Designer with extensive experience in management, marketing strategy, brand management, print and multimedia design. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with refined written and verbal communication abili ...
PA, West Grove
Monica Ingoldsby    Graphic Designer/ Art Director
Art director, graphic designer and professional artist with hands on experience in various art media. I am versatile, motivated, have excellent interpersonal skills and can work well under pressure. I am bilingual (Spanish). I also have excellent computer skills including MAC/ PC Platforms. ...
UT, Lehi

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