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Lisa Steen   Creative/Marketing Director
Highly experienced and productive creative professional with healthy curiousity, well-honed project and team management skills, and quick sense of humor. Background includes agency, corporate, and studio roles; work for clients in virtually every sector; and responsibility for every phase and compon ...
DC, Washington
kent myers   Interactive Art Director
Creative, talented and experienced Art Director with strong technical ability and project management skills. Since 1995 I have worked with agencies and companies building their brand and creating interactive projects. ...
CA, San Francisco
Stephen Gamble   Graphic Designer
With more than 15 years of senior-level experience in the field, I know what it takes to make an impact in today’s cluttered environment. I got my start as a designer at some of the nation’s biggest newspapers. After that, I moved on to the agency side. What separates me from other candidates is exp ...
AZ, Phoenix
Farrah Sunderji   Graphic Designer
I have been working as a graphic designer close to 7 years and am used to working on fast paced, high energy projects with high attention to detail. I’ve had the opportunity to work on branding, logo development, website design, html-emails, print collateral & presentation materials for clients. ...
CA, San Francisco
Teddy Roberts   Senior Copywriter
Teddy Roberts is a B2B copywriter and brand expressionist with a fire in her belly for marketing excellence. She elegantly climbs into the worlds of client and audience, gathers unexpected yet perfectly synchronized truths, and weaves them into language that turns heads and open minds. For 20 years  ...
WA, Seattle
Kiersten Linde   Senior Graphic Designer
I have a BFA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin STOUT and over ten years’ working experience in the field of advertising, marketing and design. Since graduating and beginning my career in 1991, my work experience has included both freelance and corporate projects, within t ...
IL, Palatine
Josh Taddeo   Graphic/Web Design, Art Director
My artistic work ranges from graphic design, website design and programming, video editing, to music production, mixing, and mastering. I enjoy pushing the creative boundaries of a project while reaching all the goals set forth by the team I am working with. I work great with other project managers  ...
CA, Carlsbad
Colleen Wegener   Art Director
Colleen Wegener is a midwest native. Born and raised in Northern Indiana, she attended the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio) where she received a degree in visual communications. Her graphic design career includes working for Bath & Body Works, Vera Bradley and now as a designer fo ...
MI, Saranac

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