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Ryan Yount   Illustrator
San Francisco-based freelance illustrator. I've drawn and written indie comic books. I've spent a decade in the Videogame industry; very literate on topics/fields of games/tech/marketing/social-marketing. I am interested in all kinds of subjects, with a particular obsession with drawing weird charac ...
CA, San Francisco
Ketan Patel   Art Director/Graphic Designer
I am interested in Art Direction/Graphic Design positions within companies that foster strong creative environments. I work well in fast paced environments and I have a natural aptitude towards leading the creative process from start to finish. I have experience in: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustra ...
TX, Austin
Colin Geraghty   Senior Graphic Designer
I am looking to have more of a leadership roll in a new position. I feel i have the experience in all forms of media to be able to give direction to a more junior staff. I have a vast experience in design in not only the footwear industry but also in wholesale and retail marketing. ...
MA, Reading
JoAnn Silva   Art Director
I have 25 + years of experience in the field of graphic design with a strong background relating to art direction, design, layout, typography, photo direction, magazine development, web design, illustration, and painting. Advanced knowledge in all Adobe CC products, Microsoft Office, Prezi, Magento, ...
CA, San Diego
Kurt Valenta   Creative Director
With over 20+ years of experience I am accomplished in gaining in-depth brand understanding and launching high-quality, effective and unique initiatives in both Web and print that exceed expectations and deliver results. I have demonstrated a commitment to client service and sales in multiple market ...
OH, Stow
Kristin DeRosa Keuhlen   Graphic Designer
Driven by a need to create, and a love of layout, a graphic design professional with experience in advertising collaborations including design, production work, and presentations. Exceptional interpersonal skills in a team environment. Ready and willing to take on new design challenges to achieve ma ...
NJ, Boonton

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