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Allan Hanson   Creative Director
Solid Advertising & Design background, guided by market driven solutions. Excellent typographic skills. A good gut feel for positioning products or services in a competitive market place. Big AAAA Agency experience and heavy MARCOM responsibility as creative director. Studio level ability in photogr ...
CA, Thousand Oaks
Mary Mack   Graphic Design
My education and work experience includes a broad range of graphic design disciplines, such as publication layout and typesetting, print ads, web design, and package design. I have top-notch comping skills using materials and tools. I have an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design. I am current ...
CA, Oakland
Kimberly Likley   Graphic and Web Design
GRAPHIC DESIGNER • Print and Web • Project Management • Excellent Communication and Organization Skills • Over 20 Years Experience • Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Acrobat • Dreamweaver • Cascading Style Sheets • HTML/XHTML • Flash • ActionScript  ...
CT, Wolcott
Robyn Sands   Copywriter | CD | Namer
Idea person. Bright ideas. Big, dramatic ideas. Quirky ones. And pretty ideas. Ideas that solve problems. Ideas that name things. Ideas that use lots of words. And, others that don't use any. Ping me if you need ideas. Specialties Digital • Social • Broadcast • Print • Verbal Identity (Naming)  ...
NY, New York
Greg Hughes   Art/Creative Direction, Design
Talk softly and carry a big idea. Great advertising can scream, get crazy, and disturb the status quo, but not all creatives have to--I'll leave that to, well, you know who they are. With smart strategy, targeted concepts, and creative leadership founded in cooperation, integrity and respect, I can  ...
GA, Alpharetta
Martin Castagna   Senior Art Director
I am a Senior Art Director with over fifteen years experience in Point of Sale Design, Package Design, and Graphic Design. I am currently looking for a full time or long term freelance/contract position. ...
FL, Pompano Beach
Sally Toro   Digital Designer and Illustrator
I am a freelancer Certified Digital Designer and Illustrator, while seeking a career where I can be a member of a team, and utilize my creative designing skills to improve business sales and performance while enhancing the company's visibility in its market place. ...
NH, Exeter
Cathy Laskiewicz   President | Creative Director
I am a thoroughly conceptual, award-winning Graphic/Packaging Designer who is completely dedicated to the highest platform of communications design excellence. My multidisciplinary practice comprises of high-end and mass-marketed retail corporate identity, product development and design, branding, p ...
NJ, Secaucus
Clarissa Daracan   Graphic Designer
A top-performing professional designer credited with combining visuals and creativity to execute and deliver successfully and beyond expectations. Excels in design and print production, as well as teamwork and communication. Highly accomplished in strategic planning, and building and maintaining rel ...
CA, Los Angeles
Brian Boyd   Graphic Designer
Passionate Graphic Designer with over 12 years of professional experience. Work environments range from a smaller design studio setting with multiple clients to corporate in-house studios where developing marketing campaigns and on-brand print/web materials were our main goals. Understanding how to  ...
VA, Waynesboro
Phil DeStefano   Graphic Designer / Production Artist
Graphic designer with expertise in the concept through production of materials including strong conceptual abilities and software skills. Proven ability to take ideas from initial concept thumbnails and roughs through final designs. Strong organizational skills with capacity to multi-taskand priorit ...
IL, Chicago
Lori Rosales   Senior Graphic Designer
I am a well-rounded Print and Web Designer, great with handling projects from concept to final delivery. I'm highly detail-oriented which allows me to produce work that is well-crafted, and I have great organizational skills which allow me to juggle multiple projects, to work efficiently, and to wea ...
CA, Burlingame
Vincent Garma   Creative Manager/Art Director
Visionary Art Director. Master of trends. Systems-oriented leader. I have over fifteen years of experience designing and directing for packaging and product design, merchandising, advertising, and corporate identities. My professional background involves designing and developing licensed products ...
CA, Porter Ranch
Fabrianne Lockhart   Art Director
Art Director with 20 years experience who believes strongly that every business should profit from designs. Overall goal: to make a positive impact on the world through good ideas and effective design. ...
MI, Muskegon
Carol Bevilacqua   Senior Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Accomplished Senior Graphic Designer, and Illustrator with extensive expertise in design and illustration for the higher education, museum and publishing industries. Facilitates, initiates, and brainstorms with team to reach the client's goals, and audience. Successfully manages and coordinates grap ...
CA, Richmond
nancy flemm   Creative Designer + Producer
I’ve spent the last decade enthralled with the architecture of design, production and technology. I specialize in infusing technology into design and production to ensure optimal standards. The integration of digital processes into a creative environment allows for a unified identity, eliminates ven ...
IL, Chicago
Sandra Czereszka   Graphic Designer
An accomplished professional graphic artist / designer offering experience designing multiple forms of advertising. I possess an astute eye for layout balance, color interaction and typography. Professional skills include: Adobe® Photoshop including digital retouching Adobe® Illustrator Ph ...
MI, Rochester Hills
Craig Calsbeek   Graphic Designer
I have worked extensively in the design of marketing communications and advertising materials and I am familiar with all aspects of the industry and have designed and produced for a diverse array of companies resulting in substantially increased sales and awareness. I have actively produced corp ...
CA, Carlsbad
Abraham Lawson   Designer/Illustrator
I am seeking a position as a Graphic Designer where I can provide creative solutions to design problems using my professional skills, and experience. As Graphic Designer, my goal is to create and maintain the visual excellence of the company’s products and print materials ...
CA, Vacaville
Betty Gay   Graphic Designer
The best part about being a graphic designer is seeing how my work directly effects the bottom line for businesses both large and small. Helping a client realize their unique design and marketing vision is my ultimate goal. I have a down-to-earth unpretentious approach to design but actively pursue  ...
CA, Modesto

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