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Kevin Fischer   Associate Creative Director
I am a Creative Director/Designer currently working freelance but looking for a full-time opportunity. I have over 15 years of relevant experience in advertising/marketing including b2b, branding and product launch. ...
IL, Lombard
Deanna Benson   visual Designer, Graphic Designer
Deanna has over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator. She's able to focus on the details of a project as well as the big picture and can take a creative idea across all media. Her extensive experience encompasses corporate marketing, publishing, corrugated disp ...
CA, Lake Elsinore
Theresa Racca   Art Director
• Source and hire outside vendors: printers, large format graphics, photographers, signage companies • Negotiated printing costs during 12-week, 200+ piece renaming project resulting in a 20% budget savings • Establishment and distribution of Corporate Branding Guidelines detailing proper and accept ...
MA, Hubbardston
Kristina Varaksina   Photographer, Art Director
Every day we see an incredible amount of pictures everywhere around us. From photographs in our phones and computers, to advertising posters in subway and bus stops. My goal as a photographer and an art director is to change your visual experience to the better, to help us enjoy the beauty of li ...
NY, Long Island City
Kimberly Lavon   Graphic Designer/ Printmaker
I am an award winning creative professional with experience and abilities in digital and fine art print media. My experience includes freelance, client related and agency expertise. I have the ability to manage and supervise workflow in fast paced deadline oriented environ- ments. I am looking for  ...
MI, Lansing
Wendy Rother   Graphic Designer
I have 23 years of design experience. My strongest abilities are in layout and design, along with color choice and comprehensive design planning. My objective is to find a graphic design position that relies on visual creativity and design organization. ...
FL, Jacksonville
Jacob Joslyn   Illustrator
I am an Award-Winning Freelance Illustrator working out of Kansas City, currently looking for contract work or a full-time position doing illustrations for any visual need. I have about 5 years of experience, which includes event illustrations and planning, poster design in Photoshop and Illustrator ...
MO, Kansas City
Alexandria Kish Evans   Art Director/Senior Designer
I am a multi-faceted creative individual in graphic design, art direction, photography, and interior design with a twist of photographic jewelry making and junkology! Having spent time as a creative within a large agency, an in-house art director, a business owner, a freelancer, and an artist, my ...
NC, Raleigh
Ryan Yount   Illustrator
San Francisco-based freelance illustrator. I've drawn and written indie comic books. I've spent a decade in the Videogame industry; very literate on topics/fields of games/tech/marketing/social-marketing. I am interested in all kinds of subjects, with a particular obsession with drawing weird charac ...
CA, San Francisco
Ketan Patel   Art Director/Graphic Designer
I am interested in Art Direction/Graphic Design positions within companies that foster strong creative environments. I work well in fast paced environments and I have a natural aptitude towards leading the creative process from start to finish. I have experience in: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustra ...
TX, Austin
Michele Harding   Senior Graphic Designer/Art Director
Senior designer living in Marin and working in the Bay Area, with solid experience in both interactive and print. Career has spanned working for an award-winning design firm, in fashion, publishing, advertising, and in the corporate world. Driven by a love of type, great photography, ideas and colla ...
CA, San Anselmo

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