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Dale A Fahnstrom   Creative Director/Designer
Dale received his BS in Visual Communications from Illinois State University, where he studied both photography and graphic design. He began his career as a production artist with a mid-sized advertising agency, where he quickly earned his way to graphic designer and then art director. His experienc ...
IL, Chicago
Justin Page   Art Director
From knee-high to the present, my creative handy work has appeared on restaurant place mats, the backs of my parents' car seats, my older brother’s clothing, my neighbor's wet stucco, school desktops, binders, Pee-Chee folders, Scantrons, shoes, backpacks, skateboard grip tape, classroom display cas ...
CA, Glendale
Sue Walden   Photographer
Sophisticated photographer with more than 14 years of commercial experience seeking opportunity to contribute on creative team associated with marketing / sales / visual projects. - Determined, creative and result-oriented. - Highly acclaimed reputation for producing superior, high quality imagery ...
NH, Peterborough
Monica McFadden   Senior Art Director / Designer
Results-driven, passionate, creative, client-focused visual communication professional with proven success incorporating print, web and social media design solutions to meet specific branding needs and boost name recognition, sales and profits. Responsible for overall vision and creative concepts to ...
OH, Canton
Jessica Miller   Graphic Designer
I am a diligent, creative and committed Graphic Designer proficient in CS6 Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. I have experience working for large corporate companies as well as boutique design studios. My specialities include logo, brand & identity design, style guide design, print and toy package ...
CA, Altadena
Jim Venezia   Graphic Designer/Art Director
I specialize in providing creative solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Exceptional creative skills with expertise in: • Brand driven Packaging and Display design • Translating marketing strategies into powerful, visual solutions • Supervising internal and external resources • Experie ...
CA, Glendale
Marie-Christine Gervais   Graphic Designer, Illustrator
I pride myself on being an outgoing, friendly and energetic person who is always ready for a challenge. A few years ago, I decided to leave the legal and aerospace profession and start a new and amazing journey to become a graphic designer. It started on the premise of leaving a job in order to purs ...
CA, San Francisco
Tracey Ryan   Graphic Designer & Creative Director
Hello! I'm a professional graphic designer with 5 years experience working both in-house and as a contractor. I love design, and I love any opportunity to exercise my creativity! I have worked primarily in print, I have been sharpening my web design skills over the past few years, and continue to ...
CO, Denver
Glen Miranda   Art Director / Designer
Senior-level art director with demonstrated expertise in the development of multifamily, real estate, casino, hospitality, entertainment, high tech and retail brands. Practiced team leader and project manager with clean stylized design aesthetic for both print and digital mediums. Seeking full-time  ...
CA, Chula Vista

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