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Jamie Kingham   Photographer
Jamie Kingham is a lifestyle, portrait and advertising photographer, director, dad and lover of all things life. Over his almost 20 years in the business Jamie's work has been published in everything from the Wall Street Journal to Vogue and most recently he's been shooting tourism campaigns for Tra ...
NV, Reno
Damian Pilurs   Creative Director & Photographer
In this visually toxic environment of cookie cutter formulas, I emerge by creating powerful, clean and vibrant design that will achieve client’s visions. I have demonstrated my abilities as a creative and collaborative problem solver in fast-paced, highly-charged environments. As an extremely orga ...
IL, Highwood
Caitlin Feltman   Graphic Designer
I am looking to join a graphic design team that I can compliment with my drive and passion for design. I am very dedicated with quick turn around times and great customer service. I constantly educate myself so I can grow and become the best I can be. ...
TX, the woodlands
Teresa Conroy   Graphic Designer/Art Director
Design is not just art. Design is art centered around problem-solving, research, and strategy. What are you looking for in a designer/art director? Perhaps someone with design, technical, and people skills? Maybe someone who creates big ideas that apply to the entire brand? Today, you can stop  ...
VA, Lorton
Linda Rainville   Graphic Designer/Illustrator
I'm a well rounded, creative graphic designer with several years of experience working at a marketing agency. I'm great working in a team environment or flying solo. I would love to work for a company which breathes creativity and where I can grow and learn from my peers. ...
MA, Plymouth
Meredith Pahoulis   Art Director, Senior Designer
I have extensive experience in executing concepts from start to completion, leveraging and combining all media to promote a brand, including responsive design and visual design for interactive applications: web, mobile, social. Currently, I'm honored to be designing at the United Nations, OCHA (O ...
NY, New York
Kimberly Lavon   Graphic Designer/ Printmaker
I am an award winning creative professional with experience and abilities in digital and fine art print media. My experience includes freelance, client related and agency expertise. I have the ability to manage and supervise workflow in fast paced deadline oriented environ- ments. I am looking for  ...
MI, Lansing
Lizanne Webb   Creative Director/Branding/Packaging
20+ years exp. Brand Strategy & Advertising Creative Direction I'm a very flexible, hands-on creative with a major client experience. I believe in craftsmanship, thoughtful design and copy, and excellence in both concept and execution. I work aesthetically while thinking strategically at all  ...
NY, New York
Sasha Roper   Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Graphic Design & Web Development Professional with experience designing innovative graphic, web, and print solutions that effectively communicate, inform, and persuade. I am always looking for opportunities to further my professional career! If you are interested in finding more information abou ...
RI, .

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