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Abby Lye   Graphic Design & Marketing
I am a Graphic Design and Marketing Professional with extensive digital and print experience developing, designing and executing integrated branding and promotional campaigns. I excel at designing engaging visual communications, aligning marketing and advertising strategies that deliver results. ...
MA, Boston
Brenda Oliver   Art Director
Experienced with identity, print promotional materials and video animation, I also thrive while art directing photo and video shoots, styling and storyboarding. I am an experienced designer that prefers environments where I am given project parameters, collaborate with peers and then run with ideas. ...
GA, Atlanta
Dale Cody   Creative/Art Director
An Award-Winning Creative and Art Director with more than 15 years of success designing and delivering complex marketing, print and web applications. Known as a leader and professional with a reputation for attaining results in strategic brand solutions, user experience (UX), marketing, art directi ...
NC, Asheville
Jeff Whetstone   Creative/Art Director
I provide 25 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies, national online and brick and mortar retailers, New York Times Best Selling books, new start ups and nonprofit organizations around the world. I contribute the mastery over brand development messaging, innovative design and the abi ...
IL, Lake Zurich
Emanuel Daniels   Illustrator
Life and pursuing my passion for illustration and storytelling has moved me from one Texas city to another, affording me opportunities to explore incredible new places, and eventually landing me in Dallas, Texas. My illustrations and graphic design work has been featured in a variety of media, and p ...
TX, Dallas
Carrie A. Dyer   Art Director & Graphic Designer
I am searching for freelance or a part-time position in the region surrounding the Louisville, KY area. With over twelve years of experience as a graphic designer in the industry I have a wide range of experiences using creative strategic solutions. My experience includes a diverse background rangin ...
KY, Louisville
Elizabeth Rhodes   Graphic Designer
I am a recent School of Business graduate of Georgia Gwinnett College. There in classes and projects, in various jobs and as a freelance designer I have gained extremely valuable experience designing advertising and marketing materials including brochures, logos, posters, advertisements, and a varie ...
GA, Auburn
Tenell Felder   Writer/ Editor
I am looking for a position that would allow me to creatively use my skills of writing and editing and would present me with work that would help me improve and perfect my skills. I would also like to search for positions working with Christian publications. My faith is an essential part of my li ...
SC, Columbia
Fernando Agudelo   designer / Illustrator
Over twenty years as a creative designer illustrator with experience in both creative and business aspects in a wide variety of environments, including design studios, advertisements, architectural, print, publishing and the theme park entertainment industry. Success attibuted to my ability to origi ...
FL, hollywood
Ken Inoue   Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Graphic/Web Designer and Illustrator interested in the entertainment and fashion industry. Proficient in Adobe and have experience with photography, video editing and animation. Seeking full-time position and cannot stop designing!! Quick Intro Video of Ken Inoue ...
NY, Brooklyn
Maria Shenk   Senior Art Director
Experienced Senior Art Director with extensive understanding of creating compelling brand experiences for both in-store & online, and designing successful promotional campaigns. Over 8 years of experience in global retail brands. I have a strong photography background as well as experience directing ...
TN, Knoxville
Karen Hutchinson   Graphic Designer and Illustrator
I am a graphic designer, illustrator, proofreader, and administrator/project manager with more than 20 years of experience working on a variety of publications such as brochures, advertisements, newsletters, books, magazines, flyers, and more. I primarily work on print projects using Adobe InDesign, ...
NC, High Point
SanPak Ng   Graphic Designer
Art Director and Graphic Designer with more than six years experience in the field of design and advertising especially, multicultural advertising. Have numerous awards under the belt. Understand team spirit. ...
NY, Fresh meadows

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