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Diana Heom   Graphic Designer
Design is dynamic and empowering and it is a product of a world in which growth and change is inevitable. Graphic design is not just a job to me, it’s a lifestyle. I live and breathe design everyday. I have 10 years of experience in print and web related fields, specializing in publication design ...
NJ, Warren
Andy Mansfield   Art Director, Graphic/Web Designer
Freelance Senior Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Web Designer - Design expertise includes: new product launches, logos, brochures, newsletters, books, ads, packaging, illustration, tradeshow booth graphics, web pages, animations and presentations. Especially strong in Photoshop and Illust ...
WI, Oconomowoc
Jason Fox   @leeclowsbeard / Copywriter / CD
I believe in fighting the proliferation of mediocrity. That there is no metric for blowing people’s minds. That making a logo 10% bigger won’t help a message that’s 50% irrelevant. That baby steps are for babies, not brands. That you can never become the person, agency or brand you wish to be by doi ...
NE, Omaha
Karin Elsener   Graphic Designer
With over 15 years of experience in print and packaging design I am a versatile, flexible, focused professional with exceptional style. I’m open minded, skilled at reading clients, work efficiently and with flair and keep an eagle-eye on the all-important details. I’m very knowledgable in Adobe InDe ...
CA, Los Angeles
Christopher Dingle   Senior Product Manager
I am a Director of Product Development and Management – creativity, innovation and emotion are what drive me. My most recent position has been Senior Product Manager at Performance Designed Products producing all Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Disney, Hasbro, Warner Bros., and Energizer products. Workin ...
CA, Los Angeles
Donna Giannola   Sr. Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer seeking an international and multidisciplinary team who needs a creative, versatile and strategic design professional. Marketing and technical communications and visual presentation of information in a variety of media formats. Experience: Corporate Brand, Marketing and Technical ...
CO, Frederick

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