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Becky Tumidolsky, MAPW   Senior Copywriter
I'm looking for an off-site copywriting position that affords wide-ranging creative challenges and opportunities--from social media posts to white papers and everything in between. An independent marketing copywriter since 2001, I've written more than 600 B2B business profiles (serving more than  ...
OH, Columbus
Robert Whitfield   Graphic Designer
WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE ME: I have provided graphic design and visual communication services in Dallas, Texas for over 6 years to many clients and businesses around the country. My graphic design expertise can and will help to provide consistent presentation and a solid message for your business. Being ...
TX, Balch Springs
Dennis Belmont   Freelance/Contract Graphic Designer
I am a seasoned graphic design professional with over a decade of working with web and print design. Drawing on 15 years of experience creating a growing small businesses, I approach design from a goal-oriented, business-case standpoint to educate my clients and help ensure the most effective end pr ...
VA, Alexandria
Alberta Fujihara   Art Director/Graphic Designer
Mid- to Senior-level Art Director/Graphic Designer specializing in print with over 25 years experience in a variety of fields. Creatively conceives and executes effective visual communications and has produced award-winning designs for magazine and catalogs. Five years of Photographic Art Direction  ...
CA, San Luis Obispo
Gar Meraz   Graphic Designer
I want to use my talents as a Graphic Designer to help strengthen the team that I may join. I take pride in being able to add a positive influence in a professional atmosphere. When the pressure of deadlines is present I focus until the final goal is achieved. There is nothing more satisfying then  ...
CA, Torrance
Adam Rogers   Art Director / Sr. Designer
My experience and interests are branding, identity, advertising, typography, good design, illustration and bringing them together or utilizing one to find solutions for clients they couldn't get before. I provide all the usual needs - editorial, advertising, web, logo design, collateral design, POP/ ...
Ami Nyitray   Graphic Designer, Art Director
I have 20 years of design experience, specializing in digital, but also proficient in print. I have worked for large NYC agencies such as Wunderman and Young & Rubicam as well as smaller boutiques, and I'm equally comfortable in either setting. I enjoy being part of a team & look forward to new chal ...
NY, South Salem

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