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Natasha Nicholson   Food & Lifestyle Photographer
I am a commercial photographer with over 17 years experience in food and lifestyle photography and video. I am grateful to have worked with amazing clients such as Olivieri,McCain,KFC, McDonalds, eos skincare and LCBO. Delivering great on-brand content, demands a team of seriously dedicated and ta ...
Ontario, Toronto
Peter Hynes   Creative Director
Award-winning, conceptual creative director with prolific branding experience and solid understanding of integrated marketing. Manages vendors, agencies, clients and creative staff. Focuses on development of compelling, integrated marketing that produces results. Delivers projects on time, within bu ...
IL, Arlington Heights
Susan Prentiss   Art Director/Principal Designer
My focus is creating meaningful visual communications for educational, health and wellness, publishing and arts organizations. Seventeen years of award-winning experience include attuning to my clients' objectives and engaging their audiences through compelling print and digital products. ...
MA, Boston
Jamie Scott   Copy Supervisor
After a career in all kinds of advertising (business-to-business, consumer, print, radio, TV, digital), I eased out by working part-time for New York Road Runners Youth & Community Services division (a large NYC non-profit). For them I wrote web content, html e-mails, newsletters, sliders, Youth Run ...
NC, Wilmington
Steven Meyers   Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer and production artist who has largely worked within the packaging and publishing industries. Over the course of my career, I have had an enormous amount of hands-on experience assembling thousands of projects on time and ready for press. My objective is to join a creative tea ...
NJ, Hoboken
Erik Macenas   Designer/Creative Director
To create advanced and inspiring design. To assist and direct a team of designers so they can make creative and scientific decisions. Build successful products that will solve problems. Design and manufacture scaleable solutions that generate revenue. ...
NC, Wake Forest
Sandra Wills   Graphic Designer / Web Designer
I have a passion for design in any media. I have worked as a designer in the corporate marketing departments of an architecture firm and at an international law firm. As an in-house designer I have designed and produced print and digital marketing collateral while adhering to corporate brand standar ...
GA, Atlanta

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