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Kathryn Nunes   Graphic Designer / Book Designer
I am a graphic designer with close to ten years experience in publishing. I've had the privilege to work for multiple leaders in the publishing field including: Stanford University Press, Hoover Institution Press, and UC Press. I enjoy using my design sensibilities, leadership skills, and my eye for ...
CA, San Leandro
Amber Coye   Graphic Designer
I have a passion for print design, namely publication and sequence design. I have gathered experience in a variety of mediums and excel at implementing new techniques. I look forward to using the range of my ability to enhance design. ...
CA, West Hollywood
Lubna Peshimam   Graphic Designer
I am seeking to expand my creative skills and am interested in print design and layout work. I have a passion for typography and branding. I work mostly independently and also very well with a team. I have experience in updating websites and designing layouts for web pages. I am continuously explor ...
NJ, West Windsor
Cathleen Conley-Wedding   Designer/Writer/Brand Strategist
CREATIVE BRAIN SEEKING STORM Experienced, award-winning adv/pr/mkt writer, editor and graphic designer. Plays well with others and flies solo when needed. Instinctive crosser of t's and dotter of i's. Enthusiasm, loyalty and rechargeable batteries included. Cathleen's bag of tricks: GRAPHIC D ...
GA, Augusta
Beverly Manzano   Art Director/Graphic Designer
an art director/graphic designer with 30 years experience in the industry. a well-rounded roster of clients and project experience from working in graphic and industrial design agencies, in-house corporations, the publishing industry, and freelance business. ...
CA, Sunnyvale
Jamie Kingham   Photographer
Jamie Kingham is a lifestyle, portrait and advertising photographer, director, dad and lover of all things life. Over his almost 20 years in the business Jamie's work has been published in everything from the Wall Street Journal to Vogue and most recently he's been shooting tourism campaigns for Tra ...
NV, Reno
Roni Melikokis   Graphic Designer
Creative professional with 20 years of experience in graphic design and production working in various industries. I’ve had a freelance business for the past 15 years with a few full-time staff positions as well. I have experience in all aspects of graphic design including logo design, packaging, bro ...
CT, Stamford
Tiziana d'Agostino   UX, Web Designer, Print Designer
I'm a highly motivated graphic and web designer and I'm looking for freelance and contract design work that would allow me to employ my creativity and problem solving skills. I am convinced that the best design satisfies the client's needs not the designer's ego. I strive to excellence and I am ver ...
CA, San Diego

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