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Joe Sestito   Senior Graphic Designer
Since I began my career, I have successfully developed distinctive graphic design. My work focuses on concept-driven and inspiring communication, delivering relevant and enduring solutions. The driving force behind my designs is a love for visual communication. I approach each project with this i ...
CT, Bethel
Idania Hutchens   Art Director
Experienced Art Director with print, digital, photo art direction, design and an extensive background in fashion, retail, consumer products, diversity and non-profits. Expert level experience in Adobe products including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Self motivated, organized and a passion  ...
NC, Charlotte
Jamie Kirby   Graphic Designer
Comfortable handling projects from concept through completion, as both a member of a team, or as the sole designer. Assumes ownership of work, is a collaborator and contributes to any project with strong organizational skills and a sense of humor. From design exploration to production execution, Jam ...
CA, San Francisco
Christie Klinger   Designer, Illustrator, Photographer
Looking for a talented designer who happens to have a background in evolutionary genomics? Please, look no further! Listed in particular order, I am a designer, illustrator, photographer, 3D artist, and evolutionary biologist. A few attributes allow for this gamut of roles: my earnest love of learni ...
IL, Urbana
Jon Berg   Creative Director/Art Director
I am an honest, hardworking and award-winning senior designer with a background that lies primarily in branding, design and headline/ad copywriting. I have an eye for detail, I don't cut corners, and I possess a strong desire to get it right. I have worked as a creative director/art director for ...
FL, Lake Worth
Callie Chung   Senior Graphic Designer
Senior Graphic Designer with 10 years of experience seeking to be a member of a creative and innovative team with a broad range of assignments and collaborative ideas that will produce outstanding results. ...
CA, Los Angeles
Alec Long   Copywriter
Need clever, on-strategy ideas with fresh, approachable copy? Hi. I'm Alec, an award-winning freelance copywriter with 20+ years experience creating big ideas for national, regional and local brands in virtually every industry and all forms of media. Visit for samples. Thanks. ...
PA, Philadelphia
Michelle Mikulski   Graphic Designer
Hard working, detail oriented graphic designer with 10+ years experience in publications and print design. Looking for freelance and telecommuting jobs. I'm organized and work well under tight deadlines. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. ...
MI, North Branch

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