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sarah vultaggio   Graphic Designer
I am looking for a company who isn't afraid to think big for their clients. A company that will look at my work and visualize my potential. I am interested in moving closer to the next company I work for. ...
MI, Wyoming
Ilka Hadlock   Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Driven, creative, and experienced candidate seeking an entry-mid level position in graphic design and illustration. Particularly interested/experienced in the outdoor and apparel industries but will consider all opportunities. Also available for freelance. ...
WY, Jackson
Jacqueline Hulse   Photographer
After living in Vermillion, South Dakota for 8 years, Jackie Hulse graduated from Vermillion High School in 2013. Then went on to study, currently, at the 8th best Commercial Photography program in the nation. Going into her second year as a photography student, Jackie has made a big impression at N ...
WY, Powell
Savanna Smith   Multi-Media Artist
With more than 9 years of experience, I am a creative gladiator who is able to direct, decipher, and generate visual solutions to design tasks. I am a talented creator with an eye for design as well as video productions. My work has a fun spark, yet a professional edge, that makes my designs and vid ...
WY, F.E. Warren AFB
Emily Buonodono   Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer with a fine arts degree in graphic design from Grand Valley State University. I currently work for Winning At Home in Zeeland and Holland Rescue Mission in Holland, and have experience working with individuals as well as companies. ...
MI, Wyoming
Emily Butkus   Graphic Designer
DEGREES 2005 BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University, and a minor in Marketing 2001 Associates degree in Visual Communications from Ferris State University EXPERIENCE DVQ Studio Grand Rapids, MI (1 yr, 8 mo) Graphic, communications, identity and website design Auxiliary Enterpr ...
MI, Wyoming

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