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Sonia Klauber  
Creative Director/Manager/Designer
Hello! I am a creative designer with 28 years of experience in the field of digital and graphic artistry. Managing teams devised of web, social and marketing professionals for over 15 years. 

I began my love for design early in life. Exposed to builders, designers and architects very early on, pursuing passions in Interior Design, Art History, Fine Art, Photography and Graphics. My life work has become a combination of these mediums. I have taken each door that has opened and added to my personal portfolio to become uniquely skilled at writing, marketing and designing in this market.

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suites, SEO, Google Analytics, Creative Writing, Package design, Microsoft Office 360 and other email generated programs like Mail Chimp. I value communication and collaboration but I am also an innovative self-starter able to begin projects and see them through to completion. I am a talented and creative designer, often seeing ways to improve upon projects that others may miss. 

Since the beginning of my career I have had many roles, these chapters have taught me how to deliver quality, intentional work with zero room for error and how to do it quickly. I’ve brought that approach to every task I perform and it’s led to some phenomenal results.

I understand the level of creativity, attention to detail and intentional design my clients seek. Having served in industries that range from Luxury Real Estate to Small businesses development, Non-Profit, Higher Education to Healthcare, I know how to adapt quickly and apply my skills to another’s goals. I work well with and for others, I’m positive and I’m contributive.

The final point I want to emphasize is that at this point in my career, I’m looking to join a team with a healthy culture that cares about communication, so I can use my skills to take its design to the next level. I’m a team player - it’s not about my agenda, but that of the company’s.

Sonia Klauber
I am a creative director with a breadth of experience in roles and industries that I draw on to enhance every task I tackle, no matter how large or small. As a communicative team player, I seek to build strong relationships with those I work with and serve. I’m looking to join a healthy culture where I can use my skills to foster a spirit of great work and great fun. I work quickly, efficiently and deliver quality from the start. Directing print, web dev, social and creative writing. 

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Social Media, Branding, Web Dev/Email, 
Dreamweaver and Flash, Microsoft Office, Stationary Designer, Fine Artist.

• Team player with the ability to lead and manage others.
• Great rapport with clients.
• Diligent and organized.
• Excellent Time management skills.
• Experience meeting critical deadlines under pressure. 
• Strong Researcher.

Creative Director - Owner	
Creative Court East   Bradenton FL    1998 – 2019
21 years of experience in design, web dev, marketing, branding, within vast industries including healthcare, education, medical equipment, non-profit, luxury real estate, publishing, media, entertainment, food service and building products.
• Successfully produced and designed Luxury Home Magazine and all affiliate ads, applying national brand standards and increasing page count by 25%.

• Increased home sales by dozens of local real estate agents by 150% with 
increased social media marketing and direct mailings. 

• Increased small business sales and non-profit organization donations with new collateral, creative branding, photography, relative content and online image.

Manager of Creative Services	
Hoveround Corporation   Sarasota FL    2009 – 2016
• Increased sales by over 23% developing key strategically planned direct mail tests, tracked lead flow nationwide and targeted demographics within the senior and caregiver marketplace.

• Efficiently design corporate transition pieces, including a new logo, over 300 direct mail pieces, new corporate brand portfolio, internal sales tools, cash sale advertising which led to increase cash business. 

• Slashed print, fulfillment and postage costs by 30% negotiating prices and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of all social, online and print services.

• Designed, directed and advised on all landing pages, social media advertising, print, and AV scripts. Managed all production agencies, selected models, 
multi-media firms and photographers/videographers. 

Design Manager	
Joerns Healthcare   Stevens Point WI    2005 – 2008
• Quickly contributed to a major national brand merger, designed and established a global identity between multi-facet company’s, produced a new global logo, hundreds of product guides, catalogs, website, and product designs in preparation for the launch of Joerns Healthcare.

• Earned many kudos and promotions after launch of company for specific product launch, trade-show display and promotional material. 

• Expanded the company’s core portfolio, website and core creative pieces while traveling globally with product managers, internal sales teams and executive management to integrate all acquisitions.

Graphic Designer – Junior Art Director	
BMG Music Entertainment   New York, NY    1998 – 2001

Freelance Graphic Designer	    1994 – 1998
Point Sporting Goods, University of WI Stevens Point Continuing Education/College of Natural Resources/Professional Studies/Social Services/Residential Living, Sid Paterson Advertising -New York, Columbia Records – New York, Actors Guild - New York.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
BA of Fine Art, Graphic Design. 
Art History Minor. 1996

Study Abroad Art & Architecture in Greece & Turkey.

Florida Temporary Teaching Certification ART K-12. Cont. Ed.
Sonia Klauber
Full-time, Part-time, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Design, Art Direction
Advertising, Marcomm
POST DATE: 05.14.2024
Sparta, TN
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