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Marc H. Whittemore  
Art / Creative Director / Designer
STUDIO OFFICE: 323.658.8472 EMAIL: marc @ (remove spaces)

Open to full time or freelance projects, contract, consulting or permanent. Website design, monthly emailers, graphic design, illustration, powerpoint presentations, photography, line sheets, branding/logo development, 3D POP displays,  detailed photo editing jewelry design (and more). CS6 Master collection, including Premiere and After Effects, Lightroom, DXO software. References on request.
Years of experience in many styles and genres have helped me become very versatile as well as develop a deep well of talent and design intuition to draw from. Looking for a position / projects that not only allow me to exercise my talent and creativity but one that also encourages me to keep advancing my skill set and abilities. Personal Profile: Hard working, responsive, dedicated, professional and very creative with a 'can do' attitude. Always positive and engaging when finding design solutions, creating graphics and managing projects or mentoring junior designers.


Experience: Oct. 2008 to Present	
A Work of Marc  Los Angeles, CA
CREATIVE DIRECTOR / DESIGNER (Independent / Contract)

Responsible for the complete operation of the freelance design studio from initial consultation and  wireframe development, information architecture development. Art Direction and design and the efficient management of design projects in the areas of web sites, interactivity, as well as print, hard-copy projects to ensure interaction and visual design consistency. 

Facilitated initial design consultation information meetings as well as involved directly throughout the life cycle of the deliverables (worked with dev teams, press checks etc.). Created initial conceptual designs, forecast time frame and budget projections, built schedules, implemented design. Clients have included: Disney, Sony, and various other small companies (represented in portfolio).

Mar. 2008 to Sept. 2009 
Path Connect LLC  Los Angeles, CA

• Path Connect was a social networking startup company along the lines of 

• Responsible for Art Direction (hands-on) redesign of their flagship social networking website as well as Art Direction and design for additional projects for their parent company – everything from developing the functionality and information architecture and then built the wireframes from the approved information architecture specifications both for online presence and internal (intranet) UX design. 

• Developed additional (and furthered the original) company branding guidelines. 

• Worked with marketing dept. to develop online ads. 

• General maintenance: ftp, edited CSS, html functionality.

• Created logos and general advertising button / badges. Directed rich media banner development.

• Compiled branding style guides (internet and print).

• Lead a team of 2 to 6 designers in the production of graphic and animation assets all the while working closely with the back end development team. 

• Conducted focus groups, facilitated Q & A teams, useability testing.

• Stepped into roles wherever  / whenever necessary from production work to coding.


Jan. 2004 to Nov. 2007 
GlobalTouch Telecom, Los Angeles, CA

• Part of the marketing team and responsible for a wide variety of projects from web site redesign and maintenance to company branding and print items including the design of flyers, business cards, stationery and magazine ads, developed and illustrated logos and technical diagrams, magazine ads. 

• Designed trade show display booth and respective skins, sizes: 10' x 20' and 10’ x 30’ 

• Created computer soft phone (virtual). 

• Built device diagrams and instruction pamphlets. 

• Conducted focus groups regarding back end information architecture / UX design (admin and billing) and built wireframes from that information. 

• Created and implemented UX design based on the above wireframes.

• Art Directed / designed SipTalk and GlobalTouch Telecom websites, including intranet.

• Hand illustrated proprietary icons for industry standard devices.

• Created brochures, and quarterly newsletters, one sheets, flyers, marketing postcards, business cards etc.

• Managed teams from 2 to 5 people depending on the project.


May 2000 to Dec. 2002 
Universal Studios Online  Universal City, CA

• Art Director for Universal Studios multiple business units including: Spencer Gifts, Verve Music Group, Universal Classics, Captain Morgan Rum, and Back Lot Studio Operations, etc. 

• Duties included: project conception, direction, extensive hands–on design, while coordinating creative resources / process; streamlining current processes; developing and expediting new processes. 

• Advocated design to UniStudios business units (clients), worked with both internal and external software development teams and focus groups to analyze online user experience and content. 

• Worked with Producers and UniStudios business units integrating their requirements with current technology into design strategies; balancing UI (design) aesthetics with marketing dept. requirements to insure design integrity and cohesiveness. 

• Established project goals, designed employee incentive plans. 

• Interfaced with business associates promoting design concepts, storyboarding, flow charts information architecture and user experience. 

• Managed Teams from 2 to 12 people depending on the project. 


Nov. 1999 to Mar. 2000 
Magnet Interactive  Culver City, CA

• Initially responsible for the Nissan-USA web site. 

• Duties included Art Direction and project conception, building / implementing annotated wireframes, coordination of the creative process with Producers and Development Teams, design advocacy, creative resource and personnel coordination, and hands-on design. 

• Integrated technology and client's business requirements into design strategies, balancing UI, marketing, aesthetics and creative resource and personnel coordination. 

• Established project goals with Producers over saw multiple projects (interfacing mainly Nissan but also Quiksilver and Patagonia) to insure design integrity and quality standards. 

• Managed, lead and motivated the creative team from 1 to 6 people depending on the project. 


June 1997 to Nov. 1999 
Disney Online,  North Hollywood, CA

• Art Direction and design. Coordinated web page design and piece graphics for several Disney business units as well as extensive hands-on design based off wireframes, character development, illustration and Flash animation. Provided Art Direction for both in-house and, as liaison, for sub-contracted web site development. 

• Responsible for design side delivery of the completed, comprehensive, high-quality web site solutions that provided the various Disney units with strategies that supported (or created) the brand identity and met their mission critical objectives.
• Involved at every stage of the web projects from conducting initial focus groups to analyzing online user experience and content. Wireframing and information architecture development. Represented Disney Online in on-going consultation with both Disney's individual business units and outside developers. Built teams per project including working with Producers and software development teams, all the way to final Q & A testing. 

• Worked with Producers and business units integrating their requirements with current technology into UI design while providing and keeping aesthetics / branding up to Disney’s par. Worked with marketing dept. to insure message integrity. 

• Interfaced with Disney’s B2B clients and related business associates detailing design concepts, some (minimal) story-boarding. 

• Established project goals, budgets, employee incentive plans.

• Managed Teams from 1 to 10 people depending on the project.
Marc H. Whittemore
Full-time, Part-time, On-site, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Art Direction, Creative Direction
Web/Multimedia, Print
POST DATE: 02.01.2021
Los Angeles, CA
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