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Peter Kaminski  
Graphic Designer
I am the creative coordinator, in-house graphic designer and manager of the comic department at Creators, the third largest newspaper syndicate in the nation. I supervise the comic department and design and write advertisements for Creators. 

My primary responsibility is to oversee the comic department and ensure that 37 comics meet daily deadlines for printing and international distribution. I accomplish this by maintaining spreadsheets and constantly communicating by phone and email with cartoonists, editors and printers. 

In addition to managing the comic department, I am also a designer and writer. For over three years I have collaborated with creative teams to expand the Creators brand. This position requires me to produce designs that maintain a consistent aesthetic and brand identity across digital and print platforms. I write copy and work with editors to translate concepts through text and imagery. Constant critique and analysis of ideas motivates me to work relentlessly with clients and coworkers in order to accurately communicate concepts and produce compelling work. 

I earned a B.A. in English and studio art at the University of Vermont. I stay up to date with design by reading contemporary art publications, visiting exhibitions and taking note of trends in media.
Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA                                                      Fall 2013
Continuing education, digital design

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT	                                                              May 2012
Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art & English
Graduated with department honors
Creators, Hermosa Beach, CA						            August 2012 – Present
Creative Coordinator, January 2014 - Present 
Graphic Designer, August 2012 - Present
•	Serve as the lead for all branding decisions including layout, typography and logo design
•	Advise on e-book layout, color scheme and overall brand design
•	Support syndicated talent by overseeing the production of cover art for e-books
•	Manage the distribution of 37 syndicated comic strips to over 2000 newspapers internationally
•	Liaise between editors, newspapers and printers to meet daily deadlines for distribution
•	Design templates for cover art and advertisements
•	Produce digital and print advertisements for cartoonists and columnists
•	Write copy for advertisements featuring comics and columns
•	Advertisements featured in Editor & Publisher, Hogan’s Alley and the National Cartoonists Society’s annual publication the Reuben Journal
•	Color, format and upload 17 comics to a shared CMS and FTP site 
•	Format and upload 2 crossword puzzles for daily delivery
•	Prepare documents for 4-color CMYK printing
•	Maintain and supervise in-house printers (color calibration, registration alignment etc.,)

Creators, Hermosa Beach, CA                                                                     Summer 2011
Graphic Designer, Office Assistant
•	Advertisement design and marketing for cartoonists and columnists
•	Assist with daily office tasks like answering phones, distributing mail and scanning and printing documents
•	Write copy for sales kits advertising comics and columnists
•	Help one managing editor and four editors with database and file management by digitizing documents, cartoons and news articles

Design:  Apparel, Book Covers, Digital & Print Ads, Logos and Website Banners

Software:  Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Constant Contact, HTML, Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word), Quark XPress and Wacom Tablets
Peter Kaminski
Full-time, On-site, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Design, Editing
Print, Publishing
POST DATE: 08.02.2015
New York, NY, NY
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