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boris Is  
Senior Graphic Designer
Hi, great to meet you. I’m Boris and I’m a graphic designer. I focus on branding and logos. My ideal job is to be part of an organization that values people and the environment while engaging in fantastic and meaningful projects.
Originally from Russia, I served in Kuwait and Okinawa with the US Air Force before attending Creative Circus, a widely influential advertising and design portfolio school in Atlanta. My worldly experience has inevitably lent a unique and memorable mark to my design skills. In addition, you can find me making camping easier, cleaner, and more efficient with SimplyGo Camper. Learn more at

Ignition - 07*08 Atlanta, GA

Ignition was my first chance to turn newly acquired thinking from the Circus into real world design application. There I was able
to hone my abilities to focus, observe, collect and listen. I learned firsthand that design is an iterative process that refines itself from moment to moment.

Lucky fish - 08*09 Atlanta, GA

At Lucky Fish, I recognized the importanceof building relationships with those who
value good design. Observing that this often equaled good business, I have since adopted this philosophy.

Keane Creative - 09*12 Tempe, AZ

As lead designer, collaboration was a baseline in solving large visual problems. Being part of a team and utilizing various management tools, we were able to produce successful and meaningful
brand solutions for various clients.

Orange Monkey 12* Current

OM is my freelance venture offering solutions that frame stories, solve problems, and make connections using intuitive and intentional techniques. Designing brand identities and logos is my specialty.

Local Motors 16*18

Local Motors operates a growing network of micro-factories. As lead designer I helped produce the very first self driving shuttle called Olli. A low speed autonomous vehicle designed on a co-creation platform and manufactured in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Launch Forth 18*19

Help design a global co-creation platform
community made up of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators, and professionals working together to solve problems called Launch Forth.

Simply Go Camper 18* Current

Out of love for the outdoors I launched my own company called Simply Go™ Camper,
a fully ready think-free camping experience offering products and services to those who want to experience the outdoors in comfort.
boris Is
Full-time, Part-time, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Design, Creative Direction
Advertising, Print
POST DATE: 12.20.2021
Phoenix, AZ
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