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Brian Chavez  
Graphic Designer / Art Director
I believe you'll find that my resume paints me as a MacOS, ADOBE CS... InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator wiz, who knows his way around a die line. Someone who understands how to set up an 8-color file (pre-flight too), and who gets a kick out of compositing images.

I possess over a decade of experience in producing collateral, packaging, and merchandising in a cooperative team environment. I'm organized, proactive, independent, friendly and unflappable. Vendors, production artists and art directors love me.

My references are excellent and available upon request, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
At each employer listed below, I was responsible for concept, final layout and production of all print and sundry collateral materials, including web assets. Therefore I have indicated specific, unique duties to each of the
positions listed.

Lawrence Livermore 
National Laboratory NIF&PS
10.13.08 - Present: Graphic Design Assoc. 
• Hands on InDesign (ID), Photoshop (PS), & Illustrator (AI) leader
• Original design concepts including but not limited to traditional print (digital and offset press ready) and web
• Variable data merging utilizing InDesign
• Concept, design, & production both static and animated
• Speaker support, static and animated
• Project and asset management 

ConWest Resources, Inc. 
(formerly CAI) aka. Falcon
07.02.01 - 04.11.08: Art Director
• Hands on ID, PS, AI, & Quark leader
• Brand enforcement and graphic standard(s) for all collateral (six brands) both print and web
• Supervise up to 6 staff, 4-6 contract/freelance personnel, and 3 support staff 
• Supervise digital photo retouching of all hero images for print and web
• Create/direct initial comp logos, Video boxes/1sheets, brochures, & POP artwork for print and web
• Manage teams computer needs, and trouble shoot software/hardware issues
• Responsible for shift from Analog photo-graphy to digital photography, bringing down costs by more than 200k a year
• Initiated an asset management process, making company more self-supporting and efficient
• Implemented a project management solution to keep things on track
• Responsible for department profit & loss and daily department operations
• Thrived in a fast-paced, ever changing, results-driven environment
• Excellent Apple/PC skills with full working knowledge of mainstream design and business applications

One Workplace
04-03-00 to 06-29-01: Graphic Designer
Original design concepts (press ready) for web and traditional print
• Proposals, static and animated
• Speaker support, static and animated
• Project and asset management

The Kenwood Group
10-06-99 to 03-24-00: Graphic Designer
• Original design concepts (press ready) for web and traditional print
• Proposals, static and animated
• Speaker support, static and animated
• Manage teams computer needs, and trouble shoot software/hardware issues
• Clients includes: Sony, HP, Seagate, Squaresoft, Konami, Medtronic AVE, & Sun Microsystems.

Continental American Industries (CAI)
08-31-98 to 09-30-99: Graphic Designer
• Responsible for all digital photo retouching of all hero images
• Create/direct initial comp logos, video boxes/1sheets, brochures, & POP artwork
• Maintain brand enforcement and graphical standard(s) for all collateral (six brands)
• Maintain 6 Macs running OS9
• Maintained job library on CD (pre-DAM)

American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)
01-01-97 to 08-21-98: Art Director
• Responsible for all design aspects of EyeNet Magazine a 32-48 page “Tabloid” size monthly trade magazine
• Main contact with magazine printer and graphics vendors
• Project management & trafficking
• Maintained graphics library and design-related publications. Proofreading, trademark enforcement and brand management

Robertson, Stephens & Company (RS&Co.)
03-26-96 to 12-30-96: Graphic Designer
• Produce all RS&Co. mutual funds corporate collateral
• Create & produce pitch books & quarterly reports
• Print buyer for RS&Co. relating to mutual funds
• Project management

Mervyn’s California
07-01-95 to 03-25-96: Designer, ROP
• ROP newspaper ad(s), 1-5 color & Corporate collateral materials
• POC with graphics vendors
• Monitored production process to ensure timely, accurate completion of projects
• Maintained ROP graphics library and design-related publications

Arizona Association of REALTORS® (AAR)
02-07-90 to 06-30-95: Graphic Designer
• Design/produce Arizona REALTOR® Digest, a 32 page “A”-size bimonthly trade magazine
• Design/produce all collateral materials
• Main contact with AAR’s image-setting and graphics vendors
• Monitored production process to ensure timely, accurate completion of project
• Tracked all pending and completed projects
• Maintained graphics library and design-related publications. Enforced trademark, and established graphic standard(s)
• Updated, maintained, supported Mac OS and all applications

United States Army
06-26-83 to 03-30-90
Active Duty: 83-87 (Cook)
Reserve: 87-88 (Admin. Asst.)
National Guard: 88-90 (Admin. Asst.)
Primary: MOS 71-L: Admin. asst. &
Secondary: 94-B: Cook

Academy of Art College — San Francisco, California, 2000
Intro to computers 100-08 (Mac) — Foundations of computer graphics software.
Topics included: Mac OS, scanning, utilities, PostScript technology, font management, PDF, word processing, internet basics, vector drawing, digital color spaces, how to spec computers that fit your needs and management of computer systems

Public Speaking
Walter A. Haas School of Business — Berkeley, California, 1998
Business Card Design and Development for Young Entrepreneurs in
Business (YEB)

• Phoenix Community College — Phoenix, Arizona,
   Computer Arts 1993-94
• Glendale Community College — Glendale, Arizona,
   Liberal Arts 1986, 92-93
• University of Maryland — Stuttgart, Germany,
   Liberal Arts 1984-1985

Seminars Attended
• Dynamic Graphics — Step-By-Step Design, 1994
• Apple Market Center — Advanced Photoshop & Quark, 1993-95
• Career Track — Eye-Catching Brochures, 1995

Computer Knowledge
• Currently using CC (2014)
• InDesign CS2-CC (2014)
• Photoshop CS2-CC (2014)
• Adobe Illustrator CS2-CC (2014)
• Quark XPress 4.1-7.31
• Freehand 10 & GS7
• AfterEffects 6.5-CC (2014)
• Premier 5.1-CC (2014)
• VMWare Fusion 7.1.1
• MS Office ’98 - X
• Adobe Acrobat 4.1-9
• Adobe Persuasion 3.0.2
• Swivel 3-D 2.0
• Strata 2.6, |MAC OSX
• Mac OS6 - X Yosemite
• Windows 95-98, NT, 2000 XP and 7.

• iMac Retina 5k, 4GHz, Intel Core i7
• Macbook Pro
• iPad2
• G3-G5
• PowerPC 601-604e
• Macintosh 000-040 processors
• Techgraph Flatbed Scanner
• Zip and Jazz
• Bernoulli & SyQuest HD’s, 44-270 (yeah... I’ve been around for a while).

Large specialty Printers/Plotters
• Xerox 700 and 5200
• Agfa Anapurna w/white ink
• Epson 10600 w/BestRIP
• Canon Fiery/ColorPass 125-800
• Splash w/DC12 & Pagescan III.

Freelance Clientele
• Anderson, Harrison Books
• BelAmi
• Berkeley School of Business
• Black Theatre Troupe
• Breakthrough Productions
• Bryan Cave, P.C.
• Chandler Unified School District
• Construction Republic
• Daughton, Brockleman & Guinan
• ISIS Skin & Body
• The Kenwood Group
• LUMINAS led lighting
• MandrakeSoft  
• Nth Degree
• Planet Earth Multi-Cultural Theatre
• Playwright’s Workshop Theatre
• Prevention Institute
• RMW Architecture + Design
• Style Bath and Kitchen
• Terry Goddard Mayoral Campaign
• Victorian Interiors

Online Samples



Nelson Luesse, President/Owner, Nth Degree
1 (510) 530-7440 •

Joe Chatromakprai, Lead Graphic Designer
1 (415) 987-5652 •

Daniel Johnson, Archivist
1 (415) 648-6569 •

Lori Nunokawa, Photographer
1 (415) 826-1251 •

Johnathan Powk, Illustrator and Graphic Designer
(415) 771-8362 •
Brian Chavez
Full-time, On-site, Permanent position
Design, Art Direction
Publishing, Marcomm
POST DATE: 11.07.2023
Oakland, CA
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