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R. Richard Hobbs  
Location Scout / Location Manager
R. Richard Hobbs New York City area film location scout, film location manager, film location library, location and production services for film, photo, video and tv. Location Scout + Location Manager R. Richard Hobbs

Location Scout / Location Manager

Location Research • Permit Services

Film • TV • Photo • Video • Events • 3-D

Photo & Video Pre-Production

Experienced & Reliable
Location Scout NYC Area Mercedes Benz - Planet PrePro (print / video)
Location Scout New York area HBO - I am not currently at liberty to divulge more
information about this production project. (miniseries)
Location Scout Wiener-Dog - Dir Todd Solondz - Annapurna / Killer Films (feature) - A
dachsund brings happiness to people (thru Todd Solondz's twisted eyes LOL)
Location Scout Lowe’s Father’s Day - Hsubox (commercial) unique animated gif liveaction
Location Scout New York City Capital One MasterCard Chip Card - GeniusMonkeys
Location Scout New York City area USA Network / Royal Pains / BMW (joint marketing
Location Scout IT remake / I was a location scout for a remake of IT, adapted from a
book by Stephen King - New Line (feature)
Location Scout Komar Brands (NYC) / Location scout New York City area for still / video
for a trade catalog for women’s fashion apparel manufacturer, Komar. (print / video)
Location Scout Ted 2 : "Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but
in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law."
Location Scout CBS / Person of Interest : "An ex-assassin and a wealthy programmer
save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in
impending crimes…" (tv)
Location Scout ShopKeep : Arise Pictures, LLC "ShopKeep is a cloud-based iPad point
of sale system..." (commercial)
Location Scout FX / Louie S5 (tv): "Created by Louis C.K., Louie is a comedy revolving
around “Louie,” a semi-fictional version of Louis C.K...."
Location Scout Showtime / Billions : "Billions takes a forensic look at the world of high
finance..." (tv pilot)
Location Scout Nurse Jackie S7
Series Location Manager A&E / Dead Again (tv): "An elite team of detectives will reexamine
controversial murder cases in which unresolved questions linger long after the
verdict has been determined. Will they come to a different conclusion?"
Series Location Scout Investigation Discovery / Mansions & Murders
...less recently
Staff 1st Photo Assistant, Office / Studio Manager, Producer, Tom Contrino Photography
(TCP), a busy NYC area advertising fashion commercial photo studio. Job description
also entailed extension travel and destination production. I moved from the South
Florida market to the NYC area to work for TCP. Worked with Tom full-time for six years.
Tom also worked as a tv commercial Director during this time and we produced a
director's reel in Miami Beach. Tom and I still maintain a working business relationship.
Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA) Member R. Richard Hobbs Interview by
American Society of Media Photographers | publication date July 20, 2015 (link)
Locations, Locations, Locations (Interview with R. Richard Hobbs)
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) Strictly Business Blog
publication date July 16, 2015 (link)
IMDb: (link)
Associate of Arts, Photography – Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale
Member Communications Workers of America (CWA) · CWA Local 1101 NYC · United
Locations Department Workers (ULDW - Crossroads Location Scouts)
R. Richard Hobbs
Full-time, Part-time, On-site, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Production, Photography
Advertising, Print
POST DATE: 07.02.2016
New York, NY
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