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Customer Operations Support
Daiwa Securities
We are an established and successful company seeking a confident, reliable, and friendly Operations Customer Manager. In this role, you will be responsible for interacting with and satisfying the most important element of our company – the customers. In the client services department, you will team up with other representatives and managers to set productivity goals and work diligently towards meeting them. To perform this job, you must be comfortable with speaking for extended periods of time and working with others. We are a company that is fully committed to helping you succeed, and we offer exceptional training and advancement opportunities to all of our employees; if you believe you have what it takes to keep our clients happy, we would be interested in making you a part of our team.

Job Responsibilities

Take incoming calls from clients and listen to concerns, complaints, and questions carefully.

Maintain a professional demeanor at all times and take notes on customer remarks and issues.

Fill out digital forms for new customers and actively promote additional services and products.

Connect customers and vendors to the appropriate department if you are unable to assist them adequately with their needs.

Meet with customer service managers and supervisors quarterly to discuss performance and set new goals; review recordings of calls and identify key areas that can be used for improvement.

Respond to client email inquiries in a timely and courteous manner and send company emails to customers who have expressed interest in services.

Attend regular training sessions in order to update skill sets and knowledge of corporate procedures.

Contact clients about unpaid or overdue accounts, and attempt to collect or make the appropriate payment arrangements; update account information if a payment is made.

Job Skills & Qualifications


Strong communication and problem-solving skills
Ability to multitask
High school diploma or equivalent
Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills
Comfortable sitting and speaking for long periods of time
Willingness to work overtime during peak seasons
Daiwa Securities
Daiwa Securities
Job Details
Irving, TX 77077
Employment Status
Full-time, Part-time, Off-site, Freelance/contract
Mid-level, Junior
Customer Service, Administration
POST DATE: 03.26.2020
Daiwa Securities
Shigeru Sasashita
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