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Art Assistant
Meagan Cignoli
Designers Assistant

 I am a female designer creating vessels, homewares and sculpture. Looking for a hands on assistant. At this time, this job is one day per week, 6-9 hours a day. (flexible) 

Some design/art or craftsmanship background
Good with hands and tools
Can drive, can use drill
Major pluses if you know how to:
Make a mold 
Have used sculpture tools
Have worked with cement, plaster or hemp before
If you have made a lamp
If you have done pottery before

Sanding and sealing plaster molds 
Helping make silicone or plastic molds
Mixing cement, clay and hempcrete 
Hand Building around wire armature
Picking up supplies
Helping clean up and organize workspace
Helping build armatures

Please send me a note about how you see yourself within this job role, and any experience you have. Feel free to send visuals. Thank you!
Meagan Cignoli
Meagan Cignoli
Job Details
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Employment Status
Part-time, Freelance/contract
Design, Architecture
POST DATE: 06.10.2020
Meagan Cignoli
Meagan Cignoli

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