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The Ideal Candidate

You: You are a good storyteller. You love learning about various businesses and be their voice. You educate readers, sell words and convince people to take action. You like the idea of applying your expertise across a variety of markets and businesses. You are a chameleon—your style differs depending on the business and the audience. You don't "milk for words" and you take pride that you can always deliver the message across regardless of the length of the copy. You have high standards for quality writing and you are your own editor.

You and The Work: You’ll receive various copywriting tasks from the Project Managers daily. Every day is exciting as you get to know more about the different clients, their products or services, and how you can weave a good story to persuade people to click, download or buy. There are instances that you will communicate with the clients to know more about them, their service, or their product. Following templates and checklists is a norm to you as this makes copywriting easier. Examples of copy you will be creating are sales copy, social media ads and posts, email newsletters and lead magnets.

Your Experience / Knowledge: 1+ years experience. It is not the number of years of copywriting experience but more of consistently delivering high-quality copy.

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Job Details
New York, NY 11209
Employment Status
POST DATE: 06.03.2021

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