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ABOUT YOU (The Ideal Candidate)

You: You could be a great copywriter, BUT your real superpower is being able to have a piece of writing in front of you and instantly finding ways to improve it (more clear, more visual, more persuasive, more in-line with that the client actually wants per the copy brief). You can communicate this feedback and corrections (like a teacher, strong and clear but helpful and constructive). You’re a fast reader—but speed in reading (for editing) is never sacrificed over quality. You have knowledge or experience in digital marketing. You’ve studied and know what makes copy (written / spoken communication in general) effective—so it is Memorable, so it “sells”, so the Message Gets Through! We do NOT need someone to simply make “corrections”—writers need more: qualitative feedback + guidance (when needed) that is in the client’s best interest.

You and The Work: It’s straightforward: daily, copy editing tasks will be assigned to you daily, you edit in Google Docs with corrections and feedback (see “You” section above). Turnaround time is important to our clients. You’ll communicate with writers and Project Managers through our app. Common copy tasks include: blog articles, lead magnets, landing page copy, ads.

Your Experience / Knowledge: 2+ years experience as an editor. You should be a grammar expert, with perfect English. We can consider non-native speakers if you can demonstrate ability and deep knowledge of American English is there. In either case, a B.A. or Masters Degree in English would be a plus.

ABOUT US’s mission in this world is to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit (“Creation Acceleration”). Founded in 2010, we are growing and provide a focused product to help our business clients delegate their creative / digital marketing projects instantly to qualified professionals—all without the headaches of hiring. Our website sees over 50,000 visits to the site per month and has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Mixergy, and other well-known publications. AutoGrow’s growth goal is to hire 1,000 qualified new team members in the next 9 months.

 Our company Core Values are: Continuous Self-Improvement, Creativity, and Enjoyment (in that order of priority). Part of The Vision: invest in a Private Island to be enjoyed with Team Members and our Favorite Clients for work purposes, vacations, and celebrations as we keep growing to achieve new heights of success.

We will hire at least 3-5 amazing Quality Assurance (QA) Editors to join us full-time on this Journey (on average only 2-3% of applicants make the cut).

Will it be you?

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New York, NY 11209
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POST DATE: 06.04.2021

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