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Senior Marketing Manager
TechLok Solutions
As a Senior Marketing Manager at Techlok Solutions, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our brand identity and driving our marketing initiatives to new heights. You will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our marketing efforts, including advertising, social media, content creation, influencer partnerships, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, Amazon marketing, referral programs, collateral development, trade show planning, and more. Additionally, you will be tasked with managing our brand image and establishing our brand value in the marketplace across multiple channels both B2C & B2B.

Ideal Candidate Mentality:
We are seeking a go-getter/self-starter with passion & enthusiasm whom doesn’t need micro-management.   We need a modern, fresh approach to our marketing strategy with a candidate that can utilize AI tools to optimize our marketing efforts.   We need someone that can be scrappy and has a start-up mentality.  Start up mentality means you must do more with less as we don’t have large Fortune 500 budgets.

In addition to the mindset in our ideal candidate, this candidate would also possess the following skills:
•	Excellent at social media growth & strategy across all channels to increase engagement, drive conversions, and manage/work with talent to get us to have A+ content across all platforms.  You would be managing our social media consultant, not actually doing content but overseeing content strategy.

•	Has the technical depth & understanding of Google Ad Words & Meta for Advertising.   Having someone that could actually do the knob turning work would be a bonus but it not a requirement. 
•	A candidate who knows how to utilize AI for SEO/Blog content to boost our brand awareness.
•	A candidate that can guide our podcast & leadership messaging strategy for LinkedIn content.
•	Candidate must be very well organized to manage/track all marketing projects through the use of and keep our staff & consultants motivated to meet timelines.
•	A great creative eye for what our brand should be and how our content is reflected in our brand.   
•	Candidate knows details about video marketing and how to obtain 15 high quality videos/reels/month in a budget friendly way (like utilizing students, etc.)
TechLok Solutions
TechLok Solutions
Job Details
Employment Status
Senior, Mid-level
Management, Creative Direction
Advertising, Web/Multimedia
POST DATE: 07.02.2024
TechLok Solutions
33717 Woodward Ave
Birmingham, MI 48009
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