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carmit haller  
Owner & Principal Designer, Carm
"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
The Gestalt

For some people, Branding might seem like guidelines of shapes, colors, images and fonts to be followed. For me, Branding is the art of communicating identity, emotions, needs and much more—of a person or company—all transferred by simple and consistent visuals into the subconscious of the audience. As complex as the over all process may be, there is nothing more rewarding for a designer than being able to create a strong brand that is easily recognizable and remembered. Branding is my passion.
Work Experience

• Branding and identity design solutions for print and web. 
• Projects vary from print and web design/applications.
• Client list includes: Olive Studio, Verba Consulting, Tedi TV Productions, Cannonball Winery, IXI Mobile, Informigo on-line education, Tigo Green Energy, Verba Communications, Continuum Capital, Butterfly real estate investments and more.

2001-2006: IXI MOBILE, LTD.
• Senior lead in-house graphic designer at a start-up company in the mobile consumer market. 
 • Working closely with the marketing team.
 • Designing concepts from start to finish production under very tight deadlines and a fast pace working environment.
 • Designing ALL branding materials such as logos, catalogs, website—as well as portal user interface site, magazines, packaging, point-of-sales, posters (for the Annually European 3GSM Congress Show) and brand ID guidelines.

• 1998-2001: BFA of Fine Arts, Major: Computer Arts, with focus on graphic design and new media. Academy of Art University, San Francisco. 
• 1992-1995: BA in Social Work, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

•Graphis: "Typography 4 2018." June 2018. Gold Awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Hamlet", "Macbeth", "Tosca."
Silver Awards for "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "Sibelius Symphony no.5", "Macbeth", "Hamlet", "Broken Love."
• Graphis: "Design Annual 2018." June 2017. Silver awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "The sum of all conflicts", "Macbeth", Wall Art—Environmental. Merit award for "OCD", "Mahler—symphony no.9."
• Graphis: "Poster Annual 2017." April 2017. Silver awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "The sum of all conflicts". Merit award for "Macbeth."
• Graphis: "Logo Design 9." January 2017. Silver award for "neo"logo and Merit award for reali* logo, Dragonfly logo, Butterfly logo, Crimson logo and LEVIA logo.
* reali's current logo was designed by New Deal Design studio.
• Rockport publishers: "LogoLounge Master Library Volume 4." January 2012.
• Rockport publishers: "Design Matters: Portolfios." May 2010. Written by Maura Keller.  Page 37.
• Rockport Publishers: "Recycling & Redesigning Logos." September 2010. Written by Michael Hodgson. Page 170.
•Rockport Publishers: "Logo Lounge 5: 2000 international identities by leading designers." July 2009. Written by Bill Gardner and Catherine Fishel. Page 87-1-D.

Academic Honors/Awards
Best of show award, Academy of Art University, Annual Show 2001.

Personal Skills
• Strong project management skills.
• Creative problem solving, with a sharp eye for composition, color and typography.
• Team oriented.
• Ability to work under tight deadlines and juggle between projects.
• Excellent project management skills.

Software Skills
• Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite programs including: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Army Service
• 1990-1992: Israeli Defense Force, Air Force. Rank: Sergeant.
carmit haller
Full-time, Part-time, On-site, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Design, Art Direction
Web/Multimedia, Print
POST DATE: 04.18.2018
belmont, CA
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