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Kate Huxel  
Studio Art
Fort Lewis College
I am attempting to sell my studio and digital art. I have painted since I was 7, tried majoring in Dance and after forty two years, earned an Assoc. of Arts from Pueblo Community College and transferred to Fort Lewis College as an Art Options Major. I tried my first Digital Media course last semester and passed with some tutoring help. I consider it a privilege to study with the younger students but would like to hone my skills to earn a living. I start most of my ideas with digital photography, drawing, or painting, and sometimes turn them into digital creations. The computer and digital world is new to me, yet fascinating. Even if I never make it a living, I plan to keep creating all my life.

1971: Beer Hostess, The Rubaiyat Folk Singing Club, Dallas, Texas: Jim Ritchey.
1973: Seating Hostess, Bobby McGee's Conglomeration, restaurant: Dick Ramsey.
1977: Dishwasher, Busgirl: Goodstuff Restaurant, also, Dallas, Texas: Marvin Raskin.
1984: Dallas Alliance for the Mentally Ill, receptionist: Maura McNiel, Dallas, Texas.
1984-88: Convenience, Incorporated, receptionist: John J. Freiberger, Rev. Ed Courson.
1989-91: Dallas Theater Center, telemarketer selling season subscriptions: Faith Spitz.
1991-92: Dallas Children's Theater, telemarketer subscriptions: Suzanne E. Korner.
1998-present: volunteer house watching: K.L.Freiberger
2002: one week Basin Printing & Imaging, collating: Diana Hammond, 
Durango, Colorado. Nancy Hammond.

1971-73: attended Utah Repertory Dance Theatre Workshop, Salt Lake, and Connecticut College American Dance Camp, New Haven, Connecticut: lighting, choreography, modern dance.

1973: Southern Methodist University Dance major: Jazz, Ballet, Modern. Dallas, TX.

1974: California Institute of the Arts transfer Dance major: History, Costuming, Anatomy, Choreography, Ballet, Modern, Dance History.  Valencia, California.

1975-76: School of Visual Arts, NYC: Photo Silk Screen and etching audit: Bob White, Al Brunelle.

1975-77: studied with Alwin Nikolais & Murray Louis Dance Co. and Fhinis Jhung Ballet, NYC.

1978: audited model life drawing and Art History, SMU: 4 months.

1989-92: attended Eastfield Community College, Richland Community College, majored in dance and art, took guitar but did not graduate yet, Dallas, TX metroplex
2013-15: completed Associate of Arts from Pueblo Community College, Durango, CO, compiling various credits from previous schools and attendance there. Awarded Summa Cum Laude.

2015-16: transferred to Fort Lewis College studying Art Options; Graduated August 2018

2016-18: Juried Art Show, Durango Arts Center. 3 acrylic paintings entered, not sold or shown.
"Survival (Not) Mandatory Environmental" show. "Future of the Red-tailed Hawk" painting
on display for 3 weeks but not sold. Snow board design competition entered 5 pieces; none placed. Landscape Photographer of the Year entered 20 photos; none chosen. ( Fort Lewis College Exit Gallery and Senior shows, Plein Air Show at Durango Arts Center: 4 paintings showed, 1 sold, Animas City Farmers Market, Seasonal Farmers Market La Plata Fairgrounds Nov. 17 sold 4 pieces, upcoming Studio And show Noel Night Dec 7 on Main St. Durango, CO and on Dec 8, 9'18.

Jan and Rev. Bill Postler, 970-259-3229, Durango, Colorado.
Diana and Mike Hammond, Denver, Colorado.

 to display and sell my artwork - paintings, photos, digital media or sewing projects - as an independent artist online or in exhibits; to gain skills working for others as a result, meet new people, and possibly team with them on work or work independently as an artist.

 taking original photos and turning them into digital media creations; writing and illustrating poems, books, posters; sewing & designing simple clothes and carrying bags; turning original drawings into appropriate pieces for show; exploring and depicting the natural world or people through photography; making societal statements about environmental or ecological problems.

I have a cursory understanding of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop since I only studied one semester. The information is new and fascinating to me.

 Phi Theta Kappa 2014-15. Dance Sculpture won art contest in Tiches-Folley's department store and displayed for one month, 1971. Sewed costumes for St. Marks Festival of One Act Plays and Harlequin Players Summer Stock Theater, Dallas, TX and helped build sets; small acting and dancing parts performed in. Hockaday high school, dallas; danced and sang in three musicals choreographed by Buster Cooper such as "Hello Dolly", "The Boyfriend", and "Anything Goes", 1970-73.
Kate Huxel
Education Level
Part-time, Freelance/contract
Fine Art, Photography
Print, Exhibit
POST DATE: 07.16.2019
Durango, CO
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