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Logan Doyle  
BFA Graphic Design & BS Informatics
Indiana University Bloomington
I am looking for a full time position as a graphic designer. I have been working as a graphic designer during school and have done a handful of freelance jobs and worked for the public safety department of my university. I have a degree in information science and am one semester away from completing my BFA in graphic design. I am very focused on typography and information architecture.

I would like to work somewhere that I can work with a team of multiple disciplines to leverage our skills and create functional and effective products. I would like to work with large scale projects that will lead to developing visual systems. 

I would also like to work with typography and graphic design on digital platforms. I have much experience translating between print and digital given my background in information science and fine arts.
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Education - Indiana University
School of  Informatics & Computing
BS in Informatics
School of  Art, Architecture & Design
BFA  in Graphic Design

Work Experience

IU  Public Safety
Graphic Design Intern

Created statewide public safety material for various organizations within Indiana University to be used on all Indiana University campuses. During this time I also worked with the Indiana University Police Department to create a new uniform patch which then led to the creation of other visual material for them.

Blueline Media
Graphic Design Intern

Worked with various clients on rebranding campaigns that involved typeface and color selection, pattern development, and layout templates developments. The largest project undertaken during this internships was the design direction for Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. This involved pattern creation, information design (schedules), typeface selection and design as well as color standards for the whole festival. These standards developed for Lotus festival have since been used in the years following.

Liberty Mutual Insurance
User Experience & Web Designer

Consulted for the document retention services department and then worked to redesign a new taxonomy system and Sharepoint website for said department. Additionally I took on the role of a manager/supervisor for the document retention department. These duties included attending morning meetings about problems found with company software and then the assignment of said assignments to the appropriate workers and departments.

Volunteer Work

Serve IT
Web Development Intern & Team Leader

Designed and developed websites for non-profits in Bloomington, IN and managed a team of interns doing web development and design work.

Sycamore Land Trust
Freelance Graphic Design

Redesigned Sycamore Land Trust’s brochures which then influenced their organization’s visual system to create a cohesive identity.


Communication Arts
Typography Annual 2018 Winner

Awarded a spot in the Typography Annual edition of Communication  Arts  magazine for  my  experimental typography work.

IU School of Art Architecture & Design
George W.  Sterns Award

Awarded  a  cash  prize for  work  submitted to the annual Holiday Awards through the IU School of  Art, Architecture, & Design.

Design Software & Development Skills
Dev. Skills
-	WordPress
-	Drupal
-	InDesign
-	Illustrator
-	Photoshop
-	ZBrush
-	Rhino
Logan Doyle
Education Level
Full-time, Part-time, On-site, Off-site, Permanent position, Freelance/contract
Design, Info Architecture
Print, Fashion
POST DATE: 12.27.2017
Bloomington, IN
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