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Ally Tuttelman  
Graphic and Interactive Design
Temple University
I am a blunt Bostonian with some Philly grit, trying to get rid of my parent's Long Island accents. Outside of design, I am a music geek and would love to give you suggestions on what music you are missing out on. I also love to adventure around the world through food. I can tell you what I ate at every restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, and whether you should go eat it yourself.

Graphic Designer | Paper Boy Media Company
Philadelphia, PA | August 2021 to Present

Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist | Catapult Thinking
Boston, MA | June 2021 to August 2021
Worked as a Thinker. Responsibilities included packaging design, copywriting, ad concepts, and
brand strategy. Worked in a tight-knit team to deliver thoughtful and strategic solutions to issues that arise in established brands. Clients include; Boar’s Head, Bierman ABA, Behold Cannabis, KASK Safety, and Henry Shien.

Freelance Designer/ Your Chic Greek Founder
August 2019 to Present
Freelance clients range from Eliqs to Meek Mill. Working with musicians, as well as packaging.
Founder of Your Chic Greek, create & design all products sold such as hand-painted pocketbooks,
apparel & gifts. Arrange in-store pop-up events that include handling one-on-one merchandise
consulting. Run all online social media presence on Instagram & Facebook.

Graphic Design Intern | Rafi Nova
Needham, MA | May 2020 to June 2021
Focusing on branding & advertising for a unique family-owned start-up business. Company
advertising ranges from; paid social media assets, to packaging for products & promotions, to in-store signage to attract local customers. Assisting in product development alongside the CEO & executive team. Working on the back end of the Shopify website, managing & organizing the appearance & the functionality of online stores.

Graphic Design Intern | Communication via Design
Boston, MA | May 2020 to August 2020
Focused on print design for non-profit clients for a non-profit specialized design firm. Designed in
InDesign, Acrobat, & Illustrator. Met with external clients & staff at CviaD. Ran four social media
accounts for Communication Via Design’s personal brand.

Studio Assistant | Pietro Ruffo
Rome, Italy | January 2019 to May 2019
Worked specifically in the CONSTELLATIONS collection, creating large-scale pieces using watercolor, ink, and cutouts. Conversed in Italian and English in order to collaborate with Italian artists. Helped check grammar and spelling in conversations between Pietro and English-speaking clients. Moved paintings for studio photoshoots, and general organization.
Ally Tuttelman
Education Level
Full-time, Freelance/contract
Design, Art Direction
Industrial/Product, Advertising
POST DATE: 09.13.2021
Philadelphia, PA
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