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The editors of Communication Arts magazine chose these portfolios as examples of the finest work being produced by visual communication students today. They also appear in the Communication Arts Student Showcase, published in the March/April issue. To be considered for inclusion in the next Student Showcase, click here.
Aspiring art director at an agency that pushes the bounds. I've interned at an advertising agency, served as the Executive Creative Director at a student-run PR firm and Head of Graphic Design at a student fashion organization, and have conducted full brand campaigns for clients as a freelance graphic designer. I am a self-proclaimed expert in the Adobe Suite and an others-proclaimed idea guy that's always curious to find new ways to do something. Same old same old is boring. I'm passionate about diversity, inclusivity, activism and social justice. I'm also super passionate about food. I'd love to advertise for either category. (Food is #2, though.) My objective is enter the industry as an Art Director and make the world a better place than I found it. That sounds super generic, but every word is true. ...
Syracuse University
Bear, DE
I am Gwynie! (like Winnie the Pooh, but not). I'm an Art Director studying advertising at BYU on a quest to make it to the great big juicy apple! A couple things to know about me before we meet in person: -I have a spiritual connection to collared shirts. Idk why its just a piece of fabric around my thick neck, but they are my everything. my first and last choice, my bread and butter. -I am Junie B Jones personified. The perfect amount of fun the terrible amount of crazy. -I have resting getting yelled at face. -I am a collector! Otherwise known as a hoarder. I have 9 different collections all ranging from one direction merch to mini items. -Clearly a Closeted theatre kid. -I am gluten free. This is not important, its just a cry for help. Take a look at my portfolio and feel free to dm me on my Dobby fan account on instagram! @gwyniehasgivendobbyasock Cheers! ...
Brigham Young University, Utah
Provo, UT
I am currently a senior illustration student from the School of Visual Arts. I love creating illustrations about the fantasy world including all kinds of creatures. I am also really into sculpture and working on my own series of characters. ...
School of Visual Arts
new jersy, NJ
Selina is a communication designer born and raised in Nanjing, China, a picturesque ancient city of literati and artists. She just received her BFA in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis. Currently living and working in Chicago. She takes pride in her one-of-a-kind Chinese name, Kehuan. It means being capable of imagination, which she tries to manifest in every work with her attention to research and craft. Illustrator by nature, graphic designer by nurture, and interaction designer on occasion — she believes that her in-depth generalism in visual communication is able to transcend the dichotomies of digital and analog, image and typography, as well as western and oriental. ...
Washington University in St. Louis
Chicago, IL
Jialun Wang is a designer and scholar from China and is currently based in New York and Boston. He pursues a plural cultural narrative in graphic design practices and hopes to bring this pluralism to a broader audience. Jialun's work focus on typography, branding, design theory, and design strategy. His work and research have been recognized by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Communication Arts, Boston Art Book Fair, and showcased worldwide. ...
Boston University
I'm looking for Junior to mid-level positions within Illustration and or project management that create a good team environment and are everchanging to the world that's continuously transforming in terms of our beliefs, sociability, influence, and aspirations. My experience consists of arts and education, currently, I work as a Teaching Artist and Muralist and I manage projects alongside that in book illustration. My true essence is painting, and I paint for commissions as well, I've sold paintings in Florida, Atlanta, California, the UK, and in the NYC metropolitan area and I have experience in Graphic Design and am also open to doing that full-time at an entry-level, this was all done within my four years hiatus after obtaining my associate's degree in 2017. I returned to college in 2021 during the pandemic to finish what I started and continue my journey. My objective as an artist is to cultivate creativity in every aspect whether that's in the form of making art or helping other creatives make art. I believe in a different world and I like to explore those worlds and concepts within myself through art in order to better understand myself in relation to the world around me. ...
Fashion Institute of Technology
New York, NY
Zhiyu is an illustrator and visual artist born in China and based in New York. Combining painting techniques and digital drawing, Zhiyu’s vocabulary is developed from her Chinese heritage. The work shows the unequal situations of women and minorities. Also, observation of human nature. She is looking for a freelance illustration job, especially in the editorial and fine art fields. ...
School of Visual Arts
New York , NY
Mary Taylor Carwile is a Registered Interior Designer and an Accredited Professional in both LEED and WELL building rating systems from Houston, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from Louisiana Tech University in 2014 and is now pursuing her MFA in Graphic Design at her alma mater with planned focus on experiential design. Designer Statement: I came to graduate school to gain insight and experience in the discipline of graphic design after leaving my career as a commercial interior designer. I see graphic design as a field closely related to interior design and directly applicable to the work I was accustomed to beforehand. The process and development of my work occurs both three-dimensionally and two-dimensionally. Similar to how I design spatially as an interior designer, I am constantly thinking about the experience moving through and interacting with the end product— even in work that exists in a two-dimensional medium. Interaction with design is a holistic and comprehensive experience for me, and I often utilize a hyper-detailed approach that is full of rigor in both exploration and execution. Work pertaining to systems is highly interesting to me for this reason. I hope to continue gaining new insights in the field of graphic design throughout my graduate studies, and I am expected to graduate in May 2024. ...
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA

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