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The editors of Communication Arts magazine chose these portfolios as examples of the finest work being produced by visual communication students today. They also appear in the Communication Arts Student Showcase, published in the March/April issue. To be considered for inclusion in the next Student Showcase, click here.
Mary Taylor Carwile is a Registered Interior Designer and an Accredited Professional in both LEED and WELL building rating systems from Houston, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from Louisiana Tech University in 2014 and is now pursuing her MFA in Graphic Design at her alma mater with planned focus on experiential design. Designer Statement: I came to graduate school to gain insight and experience in the discipline of graphic design after leaving my career as a commercial interior designer. I see graphic design as a field closely related to interior design and directly applicable to the work I was accustomed to beforehand. The process and development of my work occurs both three-dimensionally and two-dimensionally. Similar to how I design spatially as an interior designer, I am constantly thinking about the experience moving through and interacting with the end product— even in work that exists in a two-dimensional medium. Interaction with design is a holistic and comprehensive experience for me, and I often utilize a hyper-detailed approach that is full of rigor in both exploration and execution. Work pertaining to systems is highly interesting to me for this reason. I hope to continue gaining new insights in the field of graphic design throughout my graduate studies, and I am expected to graduate in May 2024. ...
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA

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