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The editors of Communication Arts magazine chose these portfolios as examples of the finest work being produced by visual communication students today. They also appear in the Communication Arts Student Showcase, published in the March/April issue. To be considered for inclusion in the next Student Showcase, click here.
I'm an East Coast based, West Coast born maker currently pursuing my MFA in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art. My drive to create is fueled by a passion for narrative and creative problem solving. My most recent work has focused on promoting progressive ideals through the depiction of unapologetically strong, angry, powerful women. Selections from my Women's March posters have been awarded the MoCCa Silver Medal of Excellence by the Society of Illustrators, Selected by American Illustration 37, mentioned in the Design Issue of Communication Arts Magazine, and shared by the Women's March social media accounts. ...
Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, MD
I am a 5'2" ball of energy who enjoys designing, marketing and chowing on Thai food. I currently reside in Lawrence, Kansas and despite my odd fear of the Wizard of Oz (those monkeys really?), I'm thriving in the beautiful Sunflower State. I’m a creative, passionate and enthusiastic design student eager to put my skills to work. I am currently a Senior working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design, with a concentration in marketing. ...
University of Kansas, Lawrence
Lawrence, KS
Carol Sabbagh is a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology pursuing a BFA in photography. Her artistic style is a direct manifestation of her Brooklyn background: she is consumed by the city around her, by the fact that there are eight million New Yorkers with eight million unique lives and experiences. She is similarly obsessed with the idea that the world is drowning in technology with no apparent homage to the past. Since high-school, where she graduated as valedictorian, Carol was determined to pursue photography as a career. She is focused on utilizing unorthodox perspectives to illuminate otherwise mundane scenes. Carol continues to experiment in the realms of photography and create art that elicits thoughts and effects change. ...
Fashion Institute of Technology
Brooklyn, NY
Artist, Thinker, Designer. Based in Lawrence Kansas but seeking work on the west coast after graduation. Experience in illustration, photography, and silkscreen printing. Looking to put these skills to use through branding and publication design, and always trying to make things in new ways. ...
University of Kansas, Lawrence
Lawrence, KS
I am a Graphic Design major at UIC and have completed an AAS Degree in Photography from College of DuPage. I’m a hard worker, self-motivated, excel under pressure and short time deadlines. I take direction well and will come up with new and creative solutions to solve problems. I work well as part of a collaborative team, and am not afraid of a challenge or responsibility. I have proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite products and can work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. My experimental typography piece “Axis” was featured in the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair Exhibition in New York City and can be viewed on my website. ...
University of Illinois, Chicago
Chicago, IL
I am a graphic design student with prior work experience in advertising, currently looking to gain experience in packaging and book design. In my work, I am constantly merging messaging with design to create brands that work for my clients. ...
Academy of Art University
San Francisco, CA
I recently graduated from the school of Visual Arts, in my time there I focused my course of study in Branding and Identity, User Centric Design and Experiance Design. I take a lot of inspiration from Massimo and Lella Vignelli, of their philosophy and approach to design and informational architecture. I believe that great design isn't only looking for the easy answers but finding the solutions to tough questions. ...
School of Visual Arts
Brooklyn, NY
I'm a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I have an Associates of Art in Digital Photography. I have experience with shooting images for commercial purposes. I have advance lighting, retouching, editing, and digital asset management skills. I'm also knowledgable when it comes to videography. I'm looking for opportunities related to commercial photography as it pertains to portraiture, product photography and location photography. I'm also interested in photography assistant jobs. ...
Art Institute of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
I'm a digital artist with a focus on naturalism and the human figure. I love creating fantastical illustrations and concept art. My work has been published by Many Sided Dice in "Lost Artifacts of Greyghast", a Dungeons and Dragons supplement book of magic items. I've also worked with clients such as Worcester Magazine, Columbia Magazine, OncArt, and Zullo Gallery. ...
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Scituate, RI

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